Utah Dog Bite Attorneys and Lawyers

If you have been bitten and/or attacked by a dog or animal in the State of Utah, you need the assistance and aid of an experienced and aggressive dog bite lawyer. William R. Rawlings & Associates has been successful and is experienced with the laws relating to dog bites. The Firm also has tremendous resources to handle every aspect of your case and to get the compensation you deserve.Pet owners are responsible for their animals and are accountable in the event their pet injures a person. Anyone who owns or controls a vicious animal can be liable for personal injuries caused by that animal. When an animal attacks a person the injuries can be quite severe. In addition to the medical expenses, physical scars and disfigurement, the victim of such an attack may suffer emotional scarring for years.William R. Rawlings & Associates will help you understand those rights. As your Utah Dog Bite Lawyers, here are some of the things you can expect from our firm:
  • We can provide an immediate doctor’s visit for your injuries regardless of insurance available
  • We will get all medical bills paid
  • We will get you reimbursement for time missed from work
  • Obtain a consultation with a plastic surgeon for all permanent scars
  • Consultation with a psychologist for any emotional issues that need to be resolved
William R. Rawlings & Associates has successfully represented hundreds of children and adults attacked by vicious dogs and domestic animals. We have medical specialists who are able to provide treatment and care without any upfront cost to you.If you have been injured in a dog bite or other animal attack and you need a dog bite lawyer, contact William R. Rawlings & Associates as soon as possible, so that we may begin the work necessary to obtain a fair recovery for you and your loved ones.