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5 Steps after Slip and Fall Accident


Slip and Fall Accidents are unfortunate regardless of how or where they occur, and very often are the cause of serious injuries.  If you are injured due to carelessness or negligence of someone else, you may have a right to recover for damages.

The person or entity responsible for injuries may be required to pay medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. However, slip and fall accidents are very difficult claims.  There are several obstacles to overcome.  In any slip and fall situation, tend to any immediate injuries and then obtain as much information as possible. Every piece of information may be important especially when pursuing a lawsuit.

  1. Take pictures and videos, most cell phone are equipped with a digital camera.
  2. Write down names of witnesses and anyone whose help was offered at the scene, or any statements made by someone in possession and/or control of the property, these steps can mean the difference in the outcome of a slip and fall lawsuit.
  3. Seek medical help. A doctor needs to examine the injuries.
  4. The level of pain, discomfort and how the injuries had affected daily activities are important for a doctor to know and needs to be documented in the doctor’s report.
  5. A serious injury may hinder an ability to perform normal daily tasks and work. Time lost from work should be documented.

Making a Claim for an injury after an auto accident is relatively simple.  You can exchange insurance information with the drivers, or present to the police on the scene of the accident. However, in a slip and fall accident whether it happened in a store, near or on a construction site, at someone’s home or on a sidewalk, insurance information exchange with an owner of the property, is unlikely and pretty much impossible.

For help with any aspect of a Slip and Fall Accident contact a personal injury attorney at William Rawlings & Associates. We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS AND CASE REVIEW and we are available 24/7.


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