Oct 11 2017


William Rawlings & Associates are your Car Accident and Injury Lawyers in the state of Utah.  We have represented thousands of victims and their families over the last 35 years.  Our Firm are the attorneys other lawyers recommend to their family and friends.


What do we pledge when we meet with you for a free consultation?  Lawyers are just like anyone else.  They have only so much time in a given day.  Many lawyers charge by the hour.  Other lawyers charge a flat fee for a given service.  William Rawlings & Associates ONLY charge a contingent fee, which means we get paid only when we win or settle your case.

The free consultation means that we will sit down with you and hear about your problem.  Further we give you some initial thoughts about your case at no charge or obligation to you.  This meeting gives you a chance to “interview” us as your lawyer.   Also, the lawyer has a chance to interview you and the facts of the case.  We want to make reasonably sure that we will be successful and get you the best outcome possible.   At the end of the meeting you are free to decide if you want to hire the lawyer.  Likewise, the lawyer may decide that he or she may not be able to help you with your problem.

In addition, it is perfectly fine to take any handouts or brochures you have been given at the meeting and take your time to make your decision.  It is a big one and you must feel comfortable with the attorney and Firm you hire.   You will be involved with them for many months and in some cases years. To schedule a free consultation with our office  please call 801-553-0505.  We are always available, 24/7 to discuss your case.