May 20 2015

Accidents: What Not To Do!

Knowledge is powerful and sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be more important to your claim.

DO NOT give a recorded statement: trust us here, just don’t do it…you can give your account of what happened, to the police, insurance adjusters etc. however; there is absolutely no LEGAL requirement that it must be recorded. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying….should they insist…CALL US!

DO NOT Sign ANYTHING: we have seen so many people tricked into signing away any future rights for medical treatment, property damage, etc. by very shrewd adjusters, taking advantage of your very vulnerable state at that time.

DO NOT wait to hire an attorney to protect your rights

DO NOT think the Insurance Company will be fair or CARE!

DO NOT leave the scene of the accident until the police arrive.

DO NOT get out of your car until it is safe to do so.   Now, of course, let’s use some common sense here. If the car is on fire, get out!

Call our experienced auto accident lawyers at William Rawlings & Associates. It’s what we do and have been doing successfully for over 34 years!