Jan 26 2016

Auto Accident over the Holidays? You are not alone.

The New Year brings hope for new beginnings, but for some in Utah tragedy strikes during the holiday season often taking lives and destroying families. Few people are aware of the dangers they face as they head out on the road, but by the end of their night, they find themselves literally trying to pick up the pieces as they wonder what went wrong.

You made it through the car accident. You might be at home relatively untouched, or sitting in a hospital bed, what’s important is that you are alive to see the New Year, and that is not to be overlooked. As for your injuries, or those that your loved ones have suffered, you’re lucky if you were able to get a few cuts and bruises, because the truth is, a lot of other people lose their lives in car accidents. At that point, you shouldn’t be expected to make any decisions: you’re in shock. Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury. To make sure that your rights and the rights of your family are protected, you have to act now.

Following a serious car accident, no one should be forced into a position where they have to make important decisions that will affect the rest of their life, but not all of us are so lucky. When a serious collision occurs where people suffer injuries and death as a result of another person’s negligence, those who suffer injuries or experience the death of a loved one are entitled to compensation for numerous losses that they suffer as a result of the car accident. Car accidents result in huge losses. Losses in life, property, wages, medical expenses, and more. When a person causes these damages due to their recklessness, carelessness, or otherwise negligent behavior, compensation is often awarded.

Injury insurance claims that victims pursue for the injuries and deaths that occur to themselves and their family members are how they survive the financial costs that they are forced to endure. These collisions result in huge financial losses. Medical expenses alone are often hundreds of thousands of dollars. To help avoid paying these huge costs, victims and their families can take the following actions:

Speak to a Salt Lake City car accident attorney in your area that is recommended by friends or family before talking to any insurance company about the incident. The insurance company that represents the person who crashed into you or your family member is the organization that will be paying you for damages. The insurance company will be very nice, but they are the ones looking for any evidence to be used against you so they do not have to pay. Many car accident attorneys offer free case evaluations, so if you call them right away, you can often get all of your questions answered by a legal professional for free and help avoid situations that compromise your chances of obtaining compensation.

Document your damages. Keep a record of all of your aches, pains, doctor’s visits, bad dreams about the car accident, therapy records, and anything else that is a damage or cost incurred by the accident. Keeping a daily journal will help you remember and could potentially be used as evidence.

Talk to your family about compensation. This is a difficult subject. Research it on your own. Keep an open mind. Victims need compensation to help get their lives back to normal. This is not a hand out, this is the only form of justice currently allowed to those who suffer these types of catastrophes. Talk to family members and get everyone on board. You’ll need to, moving forward. If you were involved in a car accident during the holidays, we encourage you to seek medical attention for any injuries you have suffered. Many times, those who suffer what they believe to be minor injuries fail to go to the hospital and get treatment. Left untreated, the pain and long-term damage may increase. Get help right away to avoid further damage.

Those who would like to call William Rawlings & Associates to obtain a free case evaluation for their Utah car accident can call (801) 553-0505 to receive assistance from an experienced car accident attorney. William Rawlings & Associates have helped thousands of Utah, California and Idaho accident victims and have helped to recover over $1 billion.