Mar 12 2017

Auto Accidents: Determining who is at fault?

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Auto Accidents: Determining who is at fault?

In the case with nearly all personal injury claims, one question comes to the mind of every person involved in an injury accident:   Who is at fault? The answer can make all the difference in whether compensation is made available. In Utah and elsewhere, the guilty party usually pays for damages, so naturally this question is of the utmost importance.

Depending on the case, any number of factors may determine fault. Whether it’s for wrongful death or any other type of claim, it’s always going to depend on the situation. The injured party—represented by an experienced personal injury attorney—should expect its retained lawyer to investigate all the facts, visit the scene of the accident, talk to witnesses, gather medical records etc.

In certain instances, a personal injury attorney is needed to make sense of complex legal situations. For example, many businesses in Utah carry liability insurance to avoid legal troubles in the event that a suit is brought against them. Truthfully, in the most complicated cases, the injured party may have to file a personal injury lawsuit and let a civil court make the final decision on the matter.

The majority of personal injury claims—including wrongful death—come about because of negligence. However, intentional conduct and violation of a statute or standard also play a major role, from time to time. Whatever your particular predicament may be, an accident attorney can help ensure that you or a loved one obtain what’s rightfully deserved.

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