Jan 30 2017

We Are Your Award Winning Utah Accident Lawyers

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William Rawlings & Associates as your accident lawyers give free consultations to injury victims throughout the State of Utah almost every day.  We are also licensed in the state of California and Idaho should your travels take you there.

Some people have either tried handling their personal injury matter on their own, or are very reluctant to get a lawyer involved because of what they have heard about lawyers, or are unsure about how the legal system works.  Most of these people usually end up getting legal representation in the long run because they find out sooner than later that the responsible party’s insurance company is not playing fair.

Most people have no understanding that they are entitled to recover damages in a typical personal injury matter.  Some of these damages could be in the form of out of pocket expenses.  All out of pocket expenses flowing out of the personal injury matter such as: loss of wages, medical cost, prescription cost, cost of travel to and from the doctor, prescriptions, loss of use of vehicle, either the repair cost of a damaged vehicle, or the fair market value of a damaged vehicle when the repair cost exceeds the fair market value, rental car, loss of future wages, future medical expenses, etc.

You may also be entitled to non-economic damages which include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life (loss of enjoyment of life consists of compensation to a person for not being able to do things that they used to do, while they are injured. Such as cleaning, cooking, walking, dancing, going out, etc.). Our experienced accident lawyers will not only work to recover these damages for you, we also know how to evaluate and determine the fair value of your case.

Further, if an injured person is married, they typically do not know that their spouse also has a cause of action against the person who injured them for loss of consortium.  Losses of consortium are damages that a spouse of an injured party is entitled to, for the loss of the things that their spouse used to do with and for them in the marriage, because of their injury. In many cases loss of consortium can amount to a substantial amount of money.

Most people without an attorney will get less than a person with an attorney in a Utah Personal Injury case.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a Utah Personal Injury matter you may call us 24/7 at 801-553-0505.  The consultation is free and we have a Zero Fee Guarantee.  Put our award winning team on your side.