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Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Utah


William Rawlings & Associates have been strong and successful advocates for bicycle accident injury victims in Utah for more than 35 years. We are former insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys. We know how insurance companies evaluate bicycle accident injury claims and the tactics they will use to try to diminish, delay or deny your claim.
We have extensive trial experience, but we settle more than 98 percent of our cases, saving you the time, expense and stress of litigation. Not only do we litigate the most serious bicycle accident injury cases, we also received top ratings including recognition as a Top-10 personal injury attorney in Utah, but several of our attorneys cycle. As top rated personal injury lawyers and cyclists, we not only understand the law, but we also understand the sport of cycling. 

We understand that drivers fail to pay attention to cyclists on the road and cause serious bicycle accident injuries. We understand that bicycles and component parts sometimes fail, resulting in severe injuries and accidents. We understand that dangerous conditions on public and private property often lead to bicycle accidents. And we understand that event organizers and vendors sometimes create dangerous conditions that result in bicycle accidents. There are many circumstances that result in serious bicycling accidents. 
What sets us apart from most other personal injury attorneys that handle bicycle accident cases is the fact that we understand the sport and the dangers associated with cycling. We handle the most serious of cases, and we are committed to ensuring that every client receives the personal care and attention that their case deserves. We take our role in representing injured cyclists seriously, and we strive to make sure they obtain the best possible results available under the law.


We know from experience that many pedestrian and bicycle accidents occur because motorists simply don't exercise a reasonable standard of care. Many injuries take place when you are exactly where you are supposed to be, in a bike lane or path, or on a marked crosswalk. We will carefully gather all the evidence necessary to support your claim, will prepare and file the documents required by the court, and will be a strong advocate in all hearings and proceedings, from depositions to settlement conferences to trial. 

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury while riding a bicycle because of the negligent or faulty acts of another, please contact William Rawlings & Associates for a free consultation regarding your legal rights in the state of Utah.


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You should contact an accident attorney as soon as possible after being injured so that your rights and evidence are protected. Do not give the insurance company a recorded statement as this can be used against you at a later time. You may give them your version of the accident as long as it is not recorded. Our Salt Lake City accident attorneys will begin to work for you immediately and make sure you get the medical attention you need even if you don’t have your own medical insurance.
William Rawlings & Associates will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation evaluation of your personal injury claim. All of our accident and injury cases are handled on a zero fee guarantee which means you pay us nothing until we settle or win your case. We also advance all costs upfront such as costs for filing fees, medical reports, medical specialist evaluation etc. There are no out of pocket expenses for you. Call us today to speak with one of our experienced. Salt Lake City accident lawyers for free.
A personal injury lawyer practices law relating to injuries suffered by an innocent party through some other party’s negligence. Our Firm has over 35 years experience in handling these types of claims and getting our client’s lives back on the right track after they have been injured. Also, the Insurance Company has their own attorney whose job it is to deny claims or pay out as little as possible. Put our experienced Personal Injury attorneys on your side. We will fight to get your medicals bills paid, loss of earnings and general pain and suffering award.
We will be happy to meet with you at our office, your home, your office or wherever is convenient for you. This meeting will allow us to get to know you and discuss the facts of your case. We will be able to tell you at that first meeting if you have a claim and what we will be able to do for you. There is no pressure involved. You may go home and think about it or decide to retain us at this meeting. The sooner we get started on your claim the sooner we can get you on the road to recovery.
Knowledge is powerful and sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be more important to your claim.
Here is what makes us different and the Best Choice to handle your injury claim. We have attorneys who were former Insurance Adjusters and Insurance Attorneys. We fully understand the Insurance Company’s process and games and strategies they play to avoid paying claims. We have been settling claims for over 35 years so the Insurance Companies know us, know we don’t back down AND that we are not afraid to go to trial if that’s what it will take to get you full compensation for your claim. Also, we are always available 24/7 to answer a question about your claim and eliminate some of the stress involved from being in an accident once we discuss the process with you. We have been recognized by our Peers as Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Salt Lake City and have also been named Utah’s Legal Elite and Top Trial Attorneys.


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