Feb 02 2016

Bicycle Safety Tips for Night Riding

bicycle safety

Despite the fact that an estimated 80% of all bike accidents can be avoided, approximately 100 bicycle deaths are reported annually in Utah, California and Idaho.. When a bicycle accident occurs, make sure your rights are protected and you receive adequate compensation for your injuries including medical costs, loss of earnings, loss of earning potential and other damages including your bike. It is in your best interest to be represented by an attorney who has a successful record of winning cycling cases for his clients. It is also important to be represented by a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with the laws that govern your case which include bicycle law, tort law, civil procedure and evidence.

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy, and also offers transportation that is good for the environment. If you ride your bike to work, there is a good chance you have to ride at night, at least during certain parts of the year.  Bicycle safety is incredibly important but cycle safety at night is a must. It will be more difficult for cars to see you after dusk and you need to be proactive about your safety. There are other dangers when riding after dark, aside from vehicles.  Contact the experienced Utah Bicycle Lawyers at William Rawlings & Associates if you have been hit by a vehicle while on your bicycle.

Here are some important bicycle safety tips for night riding:

  • Don’t ride alone if you can help it.
  • Use bike lights on the front and rear of your bike.
  • Be sure someone knows where you are.
  • Use reflective gear on your bike.
  • Wear reflective clothing.
  • Ride on a lighted bike path when there is one available.
  • Wear clear cycling glasses or safety glasses.
  • Go slow and be prepared for unexpected obstacles and even bumps in the road.
  • Add reflective tape to you and your bike.
  • Slow down. You may be experienced and fit enough to ride fast during the day but just like driving a vehicle at night, you should slow your bike’s speed when the sun goes down.

These are just a few basic tips to help prepare you for night riding your bike. You should always plan ahead, have the right bike and the right equipment for doing so.  Now that you have these tips, you are better prepared for riding safely at night. If you have other questions about bicycle safety or bicycle law, contact the Award Winning Personal Injury and Bike accident attorneys at William Rawlings & Associates for a free consultation.  You pay nothing until we win or settle your case.  We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.