Aug 10 2018

Spotting Signs of Drunk Driving

A staggering and unfortunate number of auto accident cases and deaths every year are caused by impaired or drunk drivers. Despite major efforts from major organizations to curb this issue, it still remains a large one on roads across the country.

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC, we’re here to help if you’re ever part of a car accident caused by a drunk driver, and particularly if you’ve sustained injury. The best way to avoid this kind of emotional and physical pain, though, is to avoid the drunk driver altogether. With that in mind, here are some common signs to look out for that might signal an impaired driver on the road with you, plus how to react if you notice these signs.

Signs of Impaired Driving

We can’t always physically see someone consuming alcohol and then getting in the car to drive, so we often have to base this on driving and behavior. Here are some signs that a person might be intoxicated behind the wheel (these are the kinds of signals police and other law enforcement agents look out for):

  • Quick accelerations or decelerations
  • Weaving or swerving across lanes of traffic or into the shoulder
  • Erratic braking
  • Tailgating
  • Failing to signal
  • Driving in more than one lane at a time
  • Near-miss collisions with other vehicles or other objects
  • Driving more than 10 mph below the speed limit
  • Not turning on headlights at night
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Making illegal or abrupt turns

How to React

Even if you aren’t 100 percent sure that the above signs signal a drunk driver on the road with you, they clearly signal an unsafe driver. So how should you respond if you see them?

The first and most important response is staying clear – behind the erratic vehicle. Don’t try to pass them or interfere in any way. If you’re able to obtain their car info, such as make and model or license plate, take this information and then alert police from a safe and stopped location (unless you have a passenger with you in the car who can call while you drive).

What to Do If You’re Injured

In the rare case that you’re part of an accident or injured in any way by a suspected drunk driver, do whatever is in your power to collect all possible documentation. You likely have the right to sue the negligent driver. Once you’ve contacted the proper authorities and received attention for any injuries, contact our offices right away to learn about how our personal injury attorney can help.

For more on spotting a drunk driver, or for any of our personal injury, wrongful death or auto accident attorney services, speak to the staff at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates today.

Aug 01 2018

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC, we’re proud to offer top motorcycle accident injury attorney services to those in need. Motorcycle riders are eight times more likely to be injured in an accident than a rider in a car, and we’re here to protect your interests if this happens due to a fault outside your own.

That said, our preference would obviously be that all motorcycle drivers be able to use the road in safety. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, plus how to avoid them while you’re on the road.

Road Hazards

One of the first things to think about as a motorcyclist is various hazards on the road, including loose gravel, oil slicks, potholes and other obstacles you often have no control over. For starters, having good tires with a strong grip will be important for these looser areas. You should also watch your speeds and even consider avoiding major hazards if they look like a bit too much for your machine. Be sure you can see ahead of you and slow down in time if needed.

Blocked Vehicle Vision

Encompassing about 25 percent of all motorcycle accidents is the following scenario: You’re on your bike driving straight, while a motorist in a car making a left turn onto your road (in the opposite direction you’re moving, usually) doesn’t see you and attempts to make the turn in your way.

This is an unfortunate situation that might leave you with a claim for damages from this driver. But to help avoid these issues altogether, consider more careful monitoring at intersections or areas where such turns are possible and vision might be imperfect for vehicles.


Over a third of all motorcycle accidents involve alcohol, which impairs the reflexes and vision alike. Reaction time is huge when riding a motorcycle or driving a car. Simply put, never drink and drive any machine.

Rain and Visibility

Slicker roads can be tough for both car and motorcycle drivers, particularly in terms of how these vehicles handle. Heavy rain or fog can also come with major vision effects, so make sure you keep lights on and slow down during storms to ensure a bit more safety for everyone.

For more on the common causes of motorcycle accidents, or to speak to a motorcycle accident injury lawyer about whether you have a case from a motorcycle incident, contact the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC today.

Jul 31 2018

Dog Bite Claims Adjustment Process

If you’re bitten by a dog that isn’t yours, you could be entitled to significant damages and compensation for your injuries and hardship. At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC, we have years of experience providing dog bite attorney services to clients in need.

We can walk you through every step of a process you need to navigate carefully to ensure you receive what you deserve. Let’s go over some of the important steps of the insurance claims adjustment process some of our clients tend to struggle with, plus how to handle them properly.

Call from Adjuster

In most dog bite situations, claims will be filed against the homeowner’s insurance policy of the owner of the dog. From here, this insurance company will likely call you – the person making this call is called a claims adjuster.

During this phone call, you will not be asked to negotiate a settlement – that should never be an option without your dog bite lawyer also present. Rather, this call is to gather basic facts about the incident and prepare the claim for the next steps.

Recorded Statement

During this call, you’ll be given the option to record a statement about the incident where the adjuster asks you questions. Firstly, know this: If you don’t feel you’re ready to do this for whatever reason, you’re within your rights to delay this statement. Your attorney or significant other can pass on the message that you need more time before giving an official statement if you aren’t able to do so. Remember that this statement is binding in court, so you should be fully prepared when you give it.

Staying Professional

Questions during this adjuster call may become relatively personal, and it’s even possible the process could be contentious to some small degree. No matter what, you have to stay professional and smart – we’ve seen cases where frustration or simple misunderstanding has led to a victim misunderstanding and actually proposing illegal or unethical solutions to the adjuster, thereby damaging their case. Your dog bite attorney can explain areas you should avoid or be careful in before your call.

Don’t Exaggerate

Never embellish even tiny details of your case during the adjustment process. If anyone finds out, not only could your claim be in trouble, but you could face legal action for filing a false claim. If you truly were harmed outside your own fault in a dog bite case, the real facts will be enough to get you the proper compensation.

For more on the claims adjuster period within dog bite cases, or to learn about any of our personal injury services, speak to the pros at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC.

Jul 20 2018

5th Annual #EndNF with Travis Classic Charity Golf Tournament

On June 30, 2018, William Rawlings and Associates participated in the 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization focused on researching treatments for Neurofibromatosis. The most common form of Neurofibromatosis occurs in one of every 3,000 people and causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body. The effects of this may include blindness, bone abnormalities, cancer, deafness, disfigurement, learning disabilities, and disabling pain. The Children’s Tumor Foundation provides funding for clinical trials to develop medications to help those affected by this genetic disorder.

We at William Rawlings and Associates were happy to have been a part of this event and to have met the wonderful family behind it. It was inspirational to see so many members of our community supporting the Children’s Tumor Foundation and its excellent work. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Jul 12 2018

Important Hit-and-Run Responses | Rawlings Law

Perhaps the worst kind of auto accident to be in is a hit-and-run, which describes an incident where a driver hits another car, then flees the scene before authorities can arrive to collect information. State law in every part of our country requires drivers to stop after being part of an accident that involves another vehicle, and there can be serious consequences for those who do not comply here.

Unfortunately, though, those consequences might also spill over to you if you’re the victim of a hit-and-run. At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC, however, we’re here to help. Our personal injury attorney services include helping you navigate through a hit-and-run and receive the compensation you deserve despite the complications. Here are some basic steps to follow if you’re the victim of a hit-and-run.

First Priority: Safety

Before you consider any financial element at all, make sure you and everyone else in the vehicle is safe an unharmed. If possible, move your car to safe place away from oncoming traffic, and be sure to call 911 to request that police respond to the scene.

Seeking Medical Attention

If anyone in the vehicle is hurt, even in a very minor way, medical attention should be sought from first responders. Some injuries may seem minor only to become more significant later on, particularly whiplash or other back injuries, so report any symptoms immediately even if they don’t seem like a big deal.

If anyone in the vehicle does receive medical attention, document this. Write down the kind of attention received, any medications given, and take the information of the responder who gave the assessment.

Cooperation With Responders

We know this is a stressful time, but you have to comply with all first responders and law enforcement officials. Take any medical care they recommend, and comply with their requests. Only speak to these officials about sensitive details of the scene – no one else.


Write down everything you can here, including any details you remember from the vehicle that fled the scene or the person driving it. Include dates, times, and as much descriptive detail as you can. Even if you don’t think this is important or assume you’ll remember it later, get it down on paper now.

For more on how to handle a hit-and-run situation, or for any of our personal injury lawyer services, speak to the staff at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC today.

Jul 01 2018

Car Accident Mistakes to Look Out For

If you’re in a car or motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation for injuries and other damages depending on the fault of the accident. If you think you might be entitled to such compensation, how you react in the hours, days and weeks after the accident can play a big role in whether you receive what you’re owed.

At the offices of William Rawlings& Associates, LLC, we can help. With an experienced car accident injury attorney at your side, you can navigate all the areas of this process. Here are some common mistakes we see people make after an accident, plus how to avoid these.

Immediately Following the Accident

The period directly following the accident are some of the most important for your case, and if you’re physically and mentally capable, you need to be as alert as possible. For starters, never leave the scene too quickly – you need time to get all the proper documentation, pictures, witness statements and police documents. On top of this, even if you weren’t at fault in the accident, it’s possible to be charged with a hit-and-run if you leave too quickly.

Another important area here: Seeking immediate medical attention, no matter how major or minor your injuries might be. Some car accident injuries don’t show symptoms for a while, and seeing a doctor also provides documentation.

Proper Documentation

Down these lines, it’s important to keep track of everything you can in written form. Police reports, medical invoices, lost wage records, drug receipts and any communication with insurance companies should be kept, as should pictures of the scene. If you deal with significant pain in the days and weeks following the accident, document this as well.

Taking the First Offer

Oftentimes, you’ll be presented an initial offer from the defendant or their insurance company where they press you to simply get things over with and accept immediately. Except in rare cases, you shouldn’t accept this – first offers are usually far too low, designed to get you to go away. Our attorneys can usually get you far more.

Not Using a Personal Injury Attorney

Maybe the biggest mistake of all? Not hiring a personal injury attorney to attend to your case. Our lawyers have years of experience and have seen every possible trick insurance companies might try to throw at you – we can get you your just compensation no matter what.

For more on the common mistakes in a car accident situation, or to learn about any of our personal injury services, speak to the attorneys at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, LLC today.

Feb 21 2018

Uber Car Accidents


Many of us have used Uber or some other rideshare company.  Did you consider who would be responsible if you are in an accident? Uber claims to require all of their drivers to carry their own personal car insurance.  Uber also provides supplemental insurance coverage if the driver is actively seeking passengers.

Feb 21 2018
Feb 20 2018

Car Accident Lawyers Giving Back

William Rawlings & Associates works diligently to help car accident victims and their families.  As your  auto accident lawyers we strive for great customer service regarding your auto and truck accident case.  We also make sure we give back to our communities.  How do we do this?  We take part in Fundraising events.

Dec 08 2017

What Kind Of Injuries Are Common In Rollover Accidents

Some of the most dangerous vehicular crashes include rollover accidents. The fatality rate for rollover accidents is the highest with over 10,000 deaths every year. A rollover accident is the one in which a vehicle turns upside down on its roof or either of the two sides. The causes of rollover accidents vary depending upon various factors including composition of vehicles. Vehicles that are more likely to undergo a rollover accident are Sport Utility Vehicles and Light Weight Trucks. Because of a higher center of gravity, these vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers.