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While the vast majority of personal injury claims and cases that are brought will be resolved via a settlement between the two parties involved, there are definitely some exceptions to this. In cases where the parties simply cannot agree on liability or other key parts of a settlement, a jury trial may be required to ultimately settle the matter. 

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, we're here to offer the very best personal injury attorney services you'll find around Salt Lake City, Draper, Provo and other parts of Utah. Our attorneys assist with a huge range of cases, from car and truck accident liability to wrongful death, dog bite cases and many others. While most of our cases do end up settled outside of court, as is common in this industry, we're also experienced in handling cases that proceed all the way to jury trial as well. Here's a breakdown of the general stages and process of a jury trial for a personal injury case, plus what to be thinking about if you're part of a case that has made it to trial. 

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A Quick Word on Bench Trials

Before we get started, a quick word on bench trials - that is, trials that do not involve a jury, and are overseen only by a judge. These are significantly less common than jury trials in personal injury cases, but they do happen. 

In most bench trials, the judge will be responsible for making all decisions and rulings related to the case, while also determining relevant facts and evidence. Bench trials can sometimes lead to quicker resolutions than jury trials, but not always - it depends on how much evidence is available and how much is being disputed. 

Our subsequent sections will cover the typical stages of a jury trial - many of these will be similar to parts of bench trials, but some will be different. 

Jury Selection Process

Assuming your case has required a jury trial, the first step will be to select jurors for the trial. This process takes place in court, and is referred to as "voir dire" - a French term meaning "to speak the truth." The goal of this process is for each side to determine who they believe would be a good juror for the case, then filter out any who may have biases or prejudices. 

Jurors will be asked questions by both sides and must answer truthfully - this often includes questions about their backgrounds, beliefs and other relevant information that could impact the outcome of the case. Ultimately, a pool of jurors is chosen from these initial questioning rounds - usually around 12 or so for a civil case. 

Opening Statements

Once the jury is selected, both sides will have the opportunity to give opening statements that outline their position and what they plan to prove during the trial. These statements are not meant as evidence themselves, but more of a roadmap for how each side views the case and its key points. 

Evidence and Testimony From Witnesses

As we get into the meat of the trial, each side will present their evidence and testimony from relevant witnesses. This can include expert opinions, eyewitness accounts, and more - all meant to support or refute claims made by either side. Each witness will also be subject to cross-examination by the opposing attorney. 

Witnesses for a personal injury case can vary widely, from medical professionals to accident reconstruction experts and more. They will also commonly include the plaintiff themselves, and may include friends or family members who can speak to the impact of the injury on their loved one. 

Closing Arguments

Once all evidence and testimony has been presented, both sides will have the opportunity to make closing arguments - a final attempt to sway the jury in their favor. This is often where attorneys will summarize key points of evidence or highlight specific inconsistencies in the opposing side's story. 

The plaintiff's attorney will typically make the first closing argument, followed by the defendant's attorney. Typically, the plaintiff will get the "last word" via a short rebuttal to the defense's closing argument. 

Jury Instructions

Now that both sides have made their case, the judge will instruct the jury on what they are to consider when making their decision. This can include specific laws, relevant evidence and other considerations that may impact the outcome of the case. 

Deliberation and Verdict

Once instructed by the judge, jurors will retreat to a private room where they will discuss the case amongst themselves and come to a decision. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the case. Once they have reached a verdict, it will be delivered in open court and read aloud by the judge. 


It's important to note that either side has the right to appeal a jury's decision if they feel there were errors made during the trial. This can lead to a higher court reviewing all evidence and potentially overturning or changing the original decision. 

If you have any further questions about jury trials in personal injury cases, our experienced attorneys at William Rawlings & Associates are always here to help. We're happy to walk you through this process and make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way for any personal injury case across SLC, Draper, Provo or any other part of Utah.

Whether you were hurt in an accident that happened a few hours ago one that occurred a few weeks ago, at some point you may wonder if contacting a Utah personal injury lawyer is a good idea.

While being on the fence about hiring an attorney is understandable, if you’re thinking about talking to a legal professional, the answer should always be yes. Most lawyers who specialize in personal injury law offer free consultations, giving you the opportunity to get answers and advice without any obligation. In our opinion, there’s really no downside to calling a Utah personal injury lawyer.

As for when to reach out to a local lawyer, sooner is better. Waiting could be problematic for your accident claim, decreasing your odds of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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When Do Most Accident Victims Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’re like many of the Utah accident victims we’ve helped over the past 30 years, you may not have thought of calling a personal injury lawyer right away. In our experience, victims often only decide to contact a legal professional when faced with one of the following situations:

Serious Injuries

Many people don’t want to make a bigger deal out of their accident or their injuries than necessary. So, instead of calling a lawyer, they try to tough it out.

Whether you were hurt badly enough to require an ambulance ride to the emergency room or you’ve come to realize that your injuries are getting worse, medical professionals can guide you toward recovery. But to obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your life after an accident, you may need the help of an experienced Utah personal injury attorney.

Mounting Frustration

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be incredibly stressful. However, many victims attempt to shoulder the burdens on their own.

Being in an accident triggers a storm of phone calls from insurance companies, and everyone wants you to answer questions, fill out incident reports and give statements. The pressure can be overwhelming, particularly if you have serious injuries, and saying the wrong thing could compromise your accident claim. Working with a lawyer will make your life much easier, allowing you to focus on getting better.

Financial Troubles

Accidents can lead to major expenses. Some victims don’t really have a grasp of the costs involved, not until the bills start rolling in.

After an accident, you’ll likely be billed for thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands) in medical expenses. Damage to your car and other property could also result in enormous costs, and if you’re unable to work, you may not have the funds to stay afloat. Your financial stability is too important to sacrifice, and a personal injury lawyer can help put an end to your worries about paying for accident-related expenses.

When is the Best Time to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The moment you begin to suspect that you could really use legal assistance, you should pick up the phone. Every day you hold off on getting a personal injury attorney involved puts your claim at risk. Here’s why calling as soon as possible is in your best interests:


All legal proceedings have a statute of limitations. In Utah, you have just four years from the date of an accident to bring an injury claim to court. For a property damage claim, the time limit is three years. Settlement negotiations can take much of that time, and if you need to file a lawsuit to secure compensation, you’ll have to do so before the deadline passes. If you wait too long to seek out legal assistance, even the most experienced personal injury lawyer may not be able to help.


To get the compensation you deserve after an accident, you’ll need to prove that the other individual involved is at fault. You also need evidence that clearly reveals the severity of your injuries. But certain types of proof that can be used to support your accident claim – like video surveillance footage or statements from witnesses who observed the incident – might not be around forever. If you don’t call a lawyer soon, you may be letting important evidence slip away.


Every personal injury claim is unique. Here at William R. Rawlings & Associates, our legal team has decades of experience helping Utah accident victims. That means we have a vast pool of professional knowledge we can draw from, which is certainly beneficial. However, we still need to give each claim ample attention. For that, we need time. The earlier you contact our Utah personal injury law office, the earlier our attorneys can begin working to achieve a favorable case outcome.

Contact an Experienced Utah Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a car wreck, motorcycle crash, semi-truck collision or any other type of accident, William R. Rawlings & Associates is here to fight for your right to compensation. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our immensely skilled personal injury lawyers, contact our law office in Draper, Utah, today.

Rollover crashes can be absolutely devastating. Victims may be entitled to compensation, and a rollover accident attorney in Utah can assist with every step of the process.

While any type of car accident can generate serious injuries and considerable property damage, the ramifications of being involved in a rollover can be even greater. Tall, narrow, top-heavy vehicles like SUVs, vans and pickup trucks are more prone to flipping and rolling than passenger cars, but any vehicle can roll over. And no matter how careful you are when you get behind the wheel, a rollover accident can happen at any time.

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Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Rollovers can occur in a range of situations and as a consequence of several different factors. Many rollover car accidents are the result of what’s known as tripping, which is when the tires collide with something that disrupts forward motion and causes the vehicle to roll sideways or forward. On-the-road objects that can lead to this scenario include:

In some cases, the above objects don’t cause vehicles to trip – instead, rollovers result from drivers swerving to avoid hazards and straying onto the soft shoulder. However, not all rollover accidents involve tripping. Other causes can include:

Rollover accidents can also involve multiple vehicles. Cars can roll as a result of the following types of collisions:

With some rollovers, more than one issue is a contributing factor. Victims can benefit from expert legal assistance, as a seasoned rollover accident attorney in Utah can determine where to place the blame and hold all responsible parties accountable.

The Dangers of a Rollover Car Accident

As every car accident attorney knows, these types of collisions frequently result in life-threatening and life-changing injuries. This isn’t surprising when you consider that with some rollover crashes, vehicles tumble multiple times before coming to a stop.

In addition, drivers and passengers can be crushed inside or partially or fully ejected from their vehicles. Items in the car can also become dangerous projectiles and cause significant injuries in a rollover car accident. Several factors – including the speed of the vehicles involved, the point of impact and whether seatbelts were worn – can affect the nature and extent of a victim’s injuries.

Some of the more common injuries seen by rollover accident attorneys in Utah include:

Victims can recover from some injuries, but many face permanent disabilities. In any case, the impact on a person’s life can be significant. When crashes are caused by another driver’s actions, poor road conditions and vehicle deficits, victims have the right to pursue compensation for their damages and losses.

Rollovers also frequently result in fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 6,291 deaths from rollover crashes involving passenger cars and light trucks in 2019. In the event of a wrongful death, an experienced rollover accident attorney can seek justice for the victim’s family.

Recovering Compensation After a Rollover Accident

As with any type of car accident, the party or parties at fault can be held financially liable for damages resulting from a rollover. However, figuring out the cause of a crash and determining who is to blame can be challenging without a rollover accident attorney.

With a single-vehicle rollover, injured victims may be able to pursue compensation from a parts manufacturer, for example, or from the department in charge of road maintenance in the area of the collision. In rollover crashes involving other vehicles, victims may be able to bring a claim for damages against another driver.

While injured victims aren’t required to have legal assistance to recover damages through a personal injury claim or lawsuit, working with an accomplished rollover accident attorney makes it easier to obtain the maximum in compensation. The types of damages a lawyer can pursue vary from case to case, but may include any or all of the following:

Here at William R. Rawlings & Associates, our rollover accident attorneys understand that no amount of money can make up for the trials and tribulations that come with a car collision. We also know that those who aren’t to blame deserve fair and full compensation – and we work hard to fight for every dollar our clients deserve.

No injured car accident victim should have to take on the legal system alone, and if you have the misfortune of being involved in a rollover crash, William R. Rawlings & Associates is here to help. For a free consultation with a highly skilled and experienced rollover accident attorney in Utah, contact our Draper law office today.

For many people, daily use of social media has become routine. But for anyone who is seriously injured in a car accident, attorneys in Utah suggest thinking twice before posting anything on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other social platform.

The reason for this is simple – social media activity can have a negative impact on any Utah car accident case. Insurance providers look at everything injured victims share online, and they’re not above using an out-of-context photo or post to cast doubt on a personal injury claim and keep compensation to a minimum.

Here at William R. Rawlings & Associates, our car accident attorneys have seen too many cases get derailed by social media use. To prevent that from happening to you, consider the dos and don’ts of posting online after car crash.

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What to Do on Social Media After a Car Accident

You’ll need to be careful about how you approach social media until your personal injury claim reaches a resolution. Steering clear of social platforms would be ideal, but since more than a year may pass before a case settles, that may not be feasible. To that end, experienced car accident attorneys in Utah recommend doing the following:

DO change the privacy settings for your social media profiles.

Lock down all of your accounts, making sure that the general public doesn’t have access to your information. While setting your profiles to private doesn’t mean everything you put online is completely private, your posts will be more secure.

DO ask others to refrain from posting anything about you or the car wreck.

Your loved ones may be tempted to lament over your injuries or vent about the auto accident online to their own friends. Ask them not to mention your ordeal, explaining that insurance adjusters may use what they say as evidence against your claim.

DO request that others avoid tagging you in any online post or story.

Being tagged in a photo or post about an activity – like riding a bike or even going to the store – could be used against you, as adjusters may imply that you’re actually engaged in the activity. Ask everyone you know to keep from tagging you until the case ends.

DO watch the comments you make on social media posts.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms, people can see the comments others make on their friend’s posts and on public posts. It’s best to avoid commenting anything that relates to the car accident, your injuries or how you feel.

What NOT to Do on Social Media After a Car Accident

As we mentioned, anything you post online after a car crash can come back to bite you. Insurance providers will be scanning your social media accounts, and they’ll use whatever they can find to devalue or deny your personal injury claim. For that reason, Utah car accident attorneys say to keep the following don’ts in mind:

DON’T post any photos of yourself or your injuries.

Insurance adjusters will use any picture of you looking happy to argue that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim. Even photos that document your recovery could be used to diminish your credibility. As such, you’d be wise to hold off on posting pics for now.

DON’T share any information about the car crash or your personal injury claim.

After an auto accident, you may be eager to share your side of the story or provide updates on how your personal injury claim is progressing. Keep from doing so, as every time you put any information online you run the risk of having it used against you.

DON’T express how you’re feeling or talk about getting better.

While you may want to reassure loved ones that you’re on the mend and doing well in light of the circumstances, doing so isn’t a good idea. These sorts of statements could put your injury claim in jeopardy, leading to less compensation than you deserve.

DON’T accept any new online friends or followers.

One tactic insurance adjusters use is to follow injured victims on social media or add them as friends, as that allows for easy access to information. Knowing this, you may want to postpone accepting friend or follower requests until your injury claim is resolved.

Talk to an Experienced Utah Car Accident Attorney Today

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and plan to file a personal injury claim, following the advice above is to your benefit – and so is talking to an experienced Utah car accident attorney. A legal professional can provide you with advice on how to proceed and, if you like, take over your case to ensure the best possible outcome.

In Utah, the car accident attorneys to trust are here at William R. Rawlings & Associates. Our law firm has been protecting the rights of injured car crash victims for over 35 years, and we’ll fight to get you every dollar you deserve.

For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your personal injury claim with a seasoned car accident attorney in Utah, contact William R. Rawlings & Associates today.

Any type of motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause life-changing injuries. When that happens, calling a Utah catastrophic injury lawyer is the right move.

Accident claims that involve catastrophic personal injuries present unique challenges. The stakes in these cases are high, and the majority of the damages victims seek – including future medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment and emotional distress -- are inherently difficult to calculate. With so much on the line, insurance companies put up a fight before handing over compensation.

Experienced catastrophic injury lawyers know how to fight back and pursue a settlement or jury award that accounts for all past, current and future expenses. For accident victims with serious injuries, having legal counsel can be extremely beneficial.

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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Generally speaking, catastrophic injuries are those which have a significant long-term impact on a person’s life. These types of injuries are often life-threatening, and they can result in a range of devastating consequences, including:

Accident victims with catastrophic injuries require intensive medical treatment, a lengthy rehabilitation program and, in some cases, specialized lifelong care. Many are unable to return to work or take part in activities they once enjoyed. A catastrophic injury can result in losses in just about every aspect of life.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury that can be described as serious and life-changing may be considered catastrophic. Specific examples of catastrophic injuries include:

Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Any freak accident can result in catastrophic injuries, but statistically, certain types of incidents are more likely to bring on a personal injury of this nature. In Utah, the leading causes include:

Whatever the cause and whoever is to blame, experienced catastrophic injury lawyers can help victims pursue full compensation for all of their losses. And while no amount of money can make up for the pain, emotional suffering and dire life consequences, holding the at-fault party or parties accountable provides victims with some relief.

Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

In Utah, anyone who is injured as a result of someone else’s actions has the right to seek out compensation for all of their losses. Catastrophic injury lawyers know how to determine which damages apply, and an accident claim may include the following:

Medical Expenses

For accident victims with catastrophic personal injuries, the cost of medical treatment can be significant. Injury lawyers fight to recover compensation for past, ongoing and future:

Economic Damages

Accident victims suffer a range of measurable monetary losses, known as economic or special damages. Experienced catastrophic injury lawyers pursue compensation for the following:

Non-Economic Damages

Catastrophic injuries come with intangible losses, referred to as general or non-economic damages. These aren’t easily quantified, but injury lawyers seek compensation for:

Working with a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Are you an accident victim with catastrophic injuries? At William R. Rawlings & Associates, we represent people whose lives have been turned upside down due to a motor vehicle accident. With a catastrophic injury lawyer from our Utah law firm in your corner, you’ll have the legal help you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Our legal team can handle all of the work your accident claim requires. The steps we’ll take to help ensure a positive case outcome include:

We’ll work hard to secure a fair financial settlement, but if the negotiations break down, our catastrophic injury lawyers are ready to go to trial. We know how to get results – and since our legal team won’t get paid unless we’re successful in securing compensation, you can count on William R. Rawlings & Associates to make every effort to make sure that happens.

A free consultation with an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer is only a phone call away. For expert help with your Utah accident claim, contact us today.

Car-on-bike collisions can be devastating for cyclists, as the injuries incurred can make returning to work impossible. If you’re facing that situation, a bicycle accident lawyer could have the remedy you need. By building and filing a strong personal injury case, an attorney can pursue compensation for all of your financial losses, including those related to income.

If you lost your job because a cycling accident has left you unable to perform the required duties – or if you’ve been forced to change career paths as a result of the collision – turn to the legal team at William R. Rawlings & Associates. Here’s a look at what our experienced Draper personal injury attorneys can do to help.

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Recovering Lost Income in a Personal Injury Case

A key factor in any Utah personal injury case is the calculation of any lost income that may be recoverable. As an injured cyclist, you have the right to pursue compensation for the following from the party at fault for the collision:

To be compensated for lost income, you’ll need to have documentation that shows the time you missed from work and the amount you would have earned during that time. Your bicycle accident lawyer can explain what types of documents can be used as evidence in a personal injury case.

What if you took sick leave or used paid vacation days to cover the time you missed at work? You’re entitled to compensation for that, too – you earned those benefits, and an experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you recover their full value.

Proving a Claim for Loss of Earning Capacity

The severity of the injuries you sustained may have impaired your ability to earn the same income as you did prior to your bicycle accident. If you lost your job and can’t switch to a line of work that pays as well, you may have a claim for loss of earning capacity.

But while you have the right to pursue compensation for your diminished earning power, proving lost earning capacity can be a challenge. Establishing how your injuries have compromised your ability to earn an income in the future may require all of the following:

In a personal injury case, calculating loss of earning capacity – and determining an appropriate amount of compensation – isn’t an exact science. Having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer on your side is to your benefit, as an attorney will investigate every possible avenue, including possible promotions and raises you may have earned, to bolster your claim.

Fighting for the Maximum in Financial Compensation

In addition to lost income and loss of earning capacity, you can pursue compensation for lost work opportunities resulting from your Utah cycling accident. Essentially, this refers to commissions and bonuses earned on a regular basis – and if you missed out on any such prospects to make money because of your bicycle accident, a lawyer can help you prove lost work opportunities.

Several other types of compensation may also be awarded in Utah personal injury cases. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer can work to get you compensated for all of your losses. Depending upon your specific circumstances, your attorney may pursue compensation for:

Punitive damages are available in the state of Utah, but they are rarely awarded and generally only apply to cases involving gross negligence. Your bicycle accident lawyer will let you know if you can make a claim for punitive damages.

Whatever specific damages apply to your case, you can count on your lawyer to fight for every dollar you deserve. After all, most attorneys who handle personal injury cases do so on a contingency fee basis – meaning that they only get paid if they recover compensation. And, their payment is typically a percentage of the amount awarded. As such, your bicycle accident lawyer will have a tremendous incentive to maximize your claim.

Talk to an Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Draper Today

You need an attorney who will stand up for your rights and fight to get the money you deserve – and William R. Rawlings & Associates has what it takes to make that happen.

We’ve been representing injured cyclists in Utah, Idaho and California for more than 35 years, and we understand how to maximize compensation in personal injury cases. Our legal team includes former insurance adjusters, former insurance company attorneys and lawyers who enjoy the sport of cycling, giving us a unique perspective that works to our clients’ advantage.

William R. Rawlings & Associates is the law firm you want in your corner if you lost your job because of a Utah car-on-bike collision. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Draper, contact our office today.

Hiring a car accident attorney after suffering injuries in a crash can be a smart move, but with everything going on, you might not get a chance to contact a law firm right away. Insurance adjusters tend to act quickly, however, so you may get a phone call quite soon.

If that happens, how should you handle the conversation?

First off, remember that the adjuster works for the insurance company – which means they don’t have your best interests in mind. Anything you say could affect the value of your personal injury claim, so you’ll need to be careful. Here, the experienced car accident attorneys at William R. Rawlings & Associates share their top tips for dealing with insurance adjusters.

Do you need a lawyer for a car accident claim

Be Polite and Professional

You may upset about the car accident and the injuries you’ve suffered, but lashing out at the insurance company’s representative won’t benefit your personal injury claim in any way. Better to remain calm and courteous, as keeping your cool can help you maintain control of the conversation.

Provide Limited Information

The insurance adjuster you speak with will likely try to get you to give a statement about the accident. Politely refuse to discuss anything about the car crash, other than basic facts regarding where and when it occurred and the identities of any witnesses. If the representative pushes you to answer, simply say that your investigation is ongoing and that you’ll share more details at the appropriate time.

Don’t Discuss Your Injuries

You can expect the insurance adjuster to inquire about the nature and severity of the injuries you sustained in the accident, but refrain from revealing any information about your medical condition. It may be days or even weeks before you know the full extent of your injuries, and a premature statement that isn’t accurate could reduce the value of your personal injury claim.

Take Notes While You Talk

Your car accident attorney will want to know about your phone call from the insurance adjuster. Jot down the information you provide and any you receive during the course of the conversation, and take note of any requests made. Before the call ends, make sure to get the name and telephone number of the person you’re speaking with and the insurance company they represent.

At William R. Rawlings & Associates, we provide legal representation to car accident victims in Utah, Idaho and California. And since we’re former insurance adjusters and insurance company attorneys, we know their tactics – and how to gain the advantage in negotiations.

Turn your personal injury claim over to our law firm, and we’ll make every effort to help you get the maximum in financial compensation. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced car accident attorney, contact William R. Rawlings & Associates today.

Personal injury claims seek to reimburse victims for their losses – and in many cases, the person injured in an accident isn’t the only one able to pursue financial compensation.

Serious injuries can have a permanent impact on personal relationships. As such, most jurisdictions allow spouses of accident victims to recover loss of consortium damages. In some states, parents or other close family members can also receive compensation. Below, you’ll find the basics on consortium damages in personal injury claims.

Do I have a loss of consortium claim

What are Consortium Damages?

The purpose of consortium damages in a personal injury case is to provide compensation for losses suffered on the part of the accident victim’s spouse or family. Loss of consortium claims can include any or all of the following:

Proving Loss of Consortium

First of all, a claim for loss of consortium can only be made if the accident victim wins their personal injury case. But that isn’t the only hurdle that comes with these types of claims.

As with other non-economic damages – such as pain and suffering and emotional distress – loss of consortium can be difficult to prove. Making a successful claim requires demonstrating the following:

In determining whether or not to award consortium damages, the court will take a great deal of information into consideration. The factors that are likely to play a major role in the decision include:

Get the Legal Help You Need

If one of your loved ones was seriously injured in an accident, you may be eligible for loss of consortium damages. Obtaining the compensation you both deserve isn’t going to be easy, but an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to build a strong case.

To get expert legal help in California, Idaho or Utah, turn to the professional team at William R. Rawlings & Associates. We’ve been helping accident victims with personal injury claims for over 35 years, and we have considerable experience working with cases involving loss of consortium damages. Browse our impressive list of past case results and see for yourself how hard we work to get results for our clients.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary errors often made by those attempting to file a personal injury claim based on a car, truck or other vehicle accident. Most such individuals have never filed such a claim before, and may not realize certain behaviors (or lack thereof) could be damaging their case.

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, our auto accident injury lawyers are here to ensure this never happens to you if you’re in such a situation. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few additional mistakes to avoid, including some that come further down the line when you’ve begun the process of negotiation a potential settlement with the opposing side of the case.

errors vehicle accident liability

Limited Evidence Provided

In part one, we went over the importance of remaining at the scene to collect proper documentation and evidence of the accident and what caused it. We’ll reinforce that here: Having things like photos of the scene, statements from witnesses, medical invoices, lost wages and any other documents associated with the incident is vital. These also include documents detailing any repairs to your vehicle.

This means not only collecting them properly at the right times, but also storing them and ensuring they’re all available when it comes time to present them. There’s nothing worse than missing out on your just compensation because you lost an important piece of evidence.

Accepting First Offer

In many auto accident cases where it’s clear another party is at fault, their representatives or insurance company will often make you an initial offer fairly quickly in the process. In nearly all cases, especially when this comes from an insurance company, this offer is intentionally far too low, and is intended to attempt to get you to agree quickly and move on. In most such situations, you’re entitled to far more and should hold out, which our attorneys will advise you of.

Signing Without Reading

Another major mistake to avoid is signing any number of documents without your attorney’s approval. These may come from your insurance company or the defendant’s, or from other sources. If any major body attempts to get you to sign anything, contact your attorney first to make sure it’s okay.

Not Hiring an Attorney

As you may have noticed, several of the mistakes we’ve outlined in this series are the sort that are easily avoided if you have the assistance of an experienced auto accident injury attorney. That’s why our final error we’ll list here is failing to obtain such representation – even if you think the facts of the case are obvious and straightforward, there may be several miscues our attorneys will help you steer clear of to obtain your just compensation.

For more on errors to avoid during the vehicle accident liability claim process, or to learn about any of our personal injury attorney services,, speak to the staff at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates today.

While we wish it were not the case, each day in the US features numerous vehicle accidents, some of which are invariably caused by negligence of one party or another. Such incidents will incur numerous bills in areas like medical treatment, vehicle repairs and other kinds of property damage, and those dealing with such issues will often be involved in filing personal injury claims as a result.

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, we know many of the individuals involved in these cases are entirely new to this world, and our auto accident attorneys are here to help ensure you don’t make one of several potential mistakes during this process as you attempt to secure your just compensation. This two-part blog will go over several such errors you want to avoid if you believe you’ve been the victim of a vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence and may have a claim against them, starting with some important themes for the scene of the crash.

errors vehicle accident liability cases

Leaving Too Quickly

For starters, there’s a vital legal aspect involved in vehicle accidents. If you leave too quickly, such as before police or other responders arrive, this could be viewed as a hit-and-run and a warrant could be issues for your arrest – even if you were not the at-fault driver in the accident.

In addition, however, remaining at the scene holds several practical benefits. It gives you time to shake off any shock or discombobulation from the accident, then to collect evidence and document everything you can from the scene. You should have time to take pictures, write down important info (names, license plates, witness contact info, etc.) and otherwise ensure you have the proper information necessary.

Delays on Claim or Medical Assistance

Once you’ve properly documented the scene – or even before, if your injuries are significant enough – you should be seeking proper medical attention, both at the scene and potentially at the hospital following the cleanup. On top of your own well-being, there are legal issues at play here: Your case may not be viewed as strongly if you waited to seek medical attention.

Down similar lines, there may be limits in place on how long you have to file your liability claim. It’s important to move quickly to avoid such limiting statutes.

Public Forum Discussion

In the days and weeks following the incident but preceding a trial or settlement in your filed case, you must resist the urge to post about the case on public forums like social media or elsewhere. You never know if something you say might impact the viability of the case or your claim. Defense attorneys will absolutely scour for this sort of thing, and we’ve seen multiple cases directly impacted or even thrown out altogether because of something silly a plaintiff said that contradicted or otherwise undermined their case.

For more on the errors to avoid in a vehicle accident personal injury claim, or to learn about any of our personal injury attorney service, speak to the staff at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates.

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