Oct 20 2018

Important Facts on Drug Liability

The pharmaceutical world is a huge one, with remarkably high demand in many areas and companies that are notably ruthless about making their profits no matter what. This often leads to the rushed release of certain medications on the market, including those that are regularly prescribed to numerous patients, and this in turn can cause unsafe interactions, overdoses and even death or serious injury in some cases.

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, we’ve helped many clients receive their due compensation after complications from prescription medications. This falls under product liability, which is a significant part of the personal injury world. Let’s look at all the important factors here, including what qualifies for these kinds of cases and what you should do if this happens to you.

important facts drug liability

Drugs and Personal Injury

If you’ve been experiencing unexpected or uncomfortable side effects from a prescribed medication, chances are you’ve called your doctor already to ask about these. The most common response here is to just ride it out – some drugs are like this, with a little time needed while the body adjusts to the new medication.

The problem is, these side effects that may seem normal in some cases might not be in others. They might have severe results, such as severe medical complications or even death in some cases, but it might be too late to totally ward off these complications. If this is the case for you, and either you or a loved one has been affected or even killed as a result of prescription drug complications, know that you have legal recourse available.

Types of Defects

With any product liability case, there are a few different types of defects that might lead to harm. These types are:

  • Design defect: A design defect refers to any drug with unsafe ingredients or an unsafe method of delivery for the target population. One prominent example that’s taken place on more than one occasion in the past is antidepressants designed to help with anxiety actually causing an increase in suicide rate among the population who takes them.

  • Manufacturing defect: In some other cases, the actual ingredients and delivery method of a drug are perfectly safe – but the manufacturing process itself has issues. Perhaps the production line where the drug is stamped is contaminated, or maybe the manufacturing plant received a batch of subpar ingredients.

  • Marketing defects: In still other cases, the design and manufacturing processes were just fine for a drug, but it’s marketed improperly in one of several ways. This could mean incorrect dosage or ingredient information on the bottle, or improper directions for taking the medication.

Personal Injury Attorney

If you think any of the above defects have taken place for your medication, resulting in harm to you, speak to a personal injury attorney right away. We can help you determine whether there’s enough evidence to prove liability, plus advise you on the proper steps to take as you move forward.

To learn more about this or any of our other personal injury lawyer services, speak to the pros at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates today.

Aug 30 2017

Nursing Home Neglect Cases

William Rawlings & Associates investigate and review potential nursing home neglect cases.  The injuries are reviewed to determine if the injuries suffered are a result of inadequate care. This may have occurred in a nursing home, hospital or long-term assisted living facility. Individuals confined to a nursing home, deserve proper care and treatment.

Oct 24 2016


accident claims

Many accident victims we speak to don’t consider themselves the suing type. That is to say they don’t feel comfortable taking someone to court to seek compensation for their injuries. These conscientious individuals believe that if they sue, the at-fault driver will have to pay enormous amounts of money out of their own pockets. This is simply not the case.

Oct 13 2016

PEOPLE OVER PROFIT: Your Utah Injury Attorneys

Insurance companies make a lot of money. In fact, it’s one of the most lucrative industries in the U.S. Their business model is simple. You convince consumers to purchase insurance from your company by promising to be on their side or hold them in good hands when the unexpected happens. You collect premiums until that day comes and then pay them as little as possible for their claim. If you take in more premiums than you pay out in claims, you could stand to make billions in profit every year. That is exactly what Insurance companies do year after year.

Aug 24 2016


Pic 6 steps
It’s worth the time and effort to be very selective in whom you choose to represent you.  So, how exactly, do you determine whether you need a lawyer for your accident claim and how do you choose the best Utah Accident lawyer?

(1) Identify Type

Your uncle may handle corporate law cases, but does that mean he handles accident cases.  One law firm may practice 10 different types of law, while another may specialize in just one. You want someone who is an expert in what you need. So think about what kind of lawyer will handle your case.  If you have you been in a car accident you require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

IMPORTANT:  Don’t rely on television commercials, bench ads or the phone book.  These types of advertisements can’t tell you if the firm is credible, reliable and/or professional.

Aug 03 2016

Is My Personal Injury Settlement Tax Free?

pic tax free

If you sue for personal physical injuries like a slip and fall or car accident, your damages are tax-free. That may seem odd, since you may be seeking lost wages because you couldn’t work after your injuries. But a specific section of the tax code–Section 104–shields damages for personal physical injuries and physical sickness. Before 1996 “personal” damages were tax-free. That meant emotional distress, defamation and many other legal injuries also produced tax-free recoveries.

Jun 21 2016

How Personal Injury Attorneys Get More Compensation for Victims

Pic PI atty

Sometimes accident victims decide to settle their own personal injury cases. If you had very minor injuries, no significant medical expenses, and are confident that your injuries have completely healed, you may not need a personal injury lawyer. If you have a serious injury caused by the negligence of another person, however, you are more likely to lose money than to save money by handling the claim yourself.

Apr 07 2016

Michael Call:  Client update and review

Mr. Call was stopped at a light preparing to make a left hand turn on 3000 E.  He was watching cross traffic in both directions travelling on 6200 W.  As the light for cross traffic turned red one vehicle ran through the red light and impacted with another vehicle making a left hand turn.  That impact was so severe that it propelled one of the cars into Mr. Call who was at a dead stop.

Dec 21 2015

PostMedicaid and Your Personal Injury Settlement

Sometimes a client may receive payments under a personal injury settlement or from a third party such as an insurance company. The payment, or payments, counts as income in the month received and as an asset the month after receipt. Certain expenses are usually deducted from the total settlement amount before the individual receives payment.

May 28 2015

So Many Accident Lawyers: Who Do I Call?

William R. Rawlings & Associates makes you Promises and KEEPS those promises. Over 34 years handling Accident, Injury and Wrongful Death claims….. Below are the promises you can expect our Firm to keep:

Legal team assigned to every case. There will always be someone available to you to answer your questions. You will never be told someone is on vacation or out of town and you have to wait for them to return before you can expect help.

We Come to YOU! We will come to you, your home, office or hospital for your free initial consultation. We want to meet you in an environment you feel most comfortable. This way you can focus on the information we are providing