Oct 31 2017

Utah Car Accidents: 51% Rule

Accidents are bound to happen. If you’re injured in an accident how do you figure out who is at fault?  How do you determine how much your injury claim is worth?  Our legal system in Utah uses negligence claims as a way of determining fault.  Finally, it also outlines how to determine how much the responsible party should pay. Let our experienced car accident and truck accident lawyers help you get you life back on the right track.

Oct 19 2017
Oct 11 2017
Oct 03 2017

Car Accidents and Social Media


It is tempting to tell everyone about  your injuries on your Facebook account.   Discussing your car accident claim on social media could ruin your settlement.  So let the Salt Lake and Utah County Personal Injury Lawyers at William Rawlings & Associates guide you through your claim.  Further, put our 35 years of experience on your side. Don’t tweet about your recovery progress or the severity of your injuries.  Take time to think about what the insurance adjuster may think if he reads your media posts.

Sep 23 2017
Sep 15 2017

Teen Texting While Driving: Crash and Prison Time

Texting is not worth your life or someone else’s life.  Your car accident attorneys at William Rawlings have helped families where a family member was killed by a driver texting. A teenager was sentenced to two years in prison and loss of license for 15 years.   He caused a fatal crash by texting while driving. Aaron Deveau, 18, was convicted of motor vehicle homicide by texting – the first driver in Massachusetts to face such charge.   Deveau, pleaded not guilty, was texting when his vehicle swerved across the center and crashed head on into another car.  He struck Daniel Bowley’s truck, killing the 55-year-old father of three.  Bowley suffered severe head trauma and lingered in a hospital for 18 days before dying.

Sep 07 2017
Aug 14 2017

Cell Phone Records and Car Accidents 

As your auto accident lawyers, we want you to know it is now standard procedure to obtain the cell phone records of the responsible party in cases involving car accidents.  The number of car accidents  linked to cell phone usage, both telephone conversations and texting, is staggering. According to one study, 28% of traffic accidents occur when a driver is using a cell phone.  Consequently, it is critical to obtain a driver’s cell phone records involving a motor vehicle or any car accident case. One typically obtains cell phone records through a subpoena to the driver’s cell phone provider.

Aug 08 2017

 Car Accidents and Car Seats

The Utah Department of Public Safety outlines specific rules for car seats.  How long should your child be in a car seat?  When is it safe to transition to a booster seat?  Children under 8 years old must be properly secured in an approved child safety seat.  This is the case until they are at least 57 inches tall.  Children between 8 to 12 years old must be in an appropriate child restraint device or by a safety belt.  Yet the law does not apply to school buses and vehicles manufactured without safety belts.

Aug 01 2017

 Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Accident Claim?

Do you really need a help with an accident claim? You can certainly try and deal with the Insurance Company on your own.  We find that most people who have suffered major injuries would rather have someone else deal with the adjuster.  They would rather have someone help them with gathering documents.  They would rather work on healing and have someone deal with all the calls, correspondence and medical providers who want payment.