Jan 22 2014

Coping With a Wrongful Death

coping with a wrongful death

Losing a loved one in an auto accident is something we hope we never have to deal with in our lifetime. Through your grieving, you may be overcome with a sense of what do I do now?  You really don’t have the emotional and physical strength to get through the endless decisions being forced upon you and you’re wondering, will my family ever recover from this?  You have medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages that could have been earned by your loved one in the future.  More importantly,  how do you get through the pain and suffering?  William Rawlings & Associates has helped many families through these tragic events with care and compassion.  It is important to us that we help families get back on their feet and guide them to a peaceful conclusion.

We have all heard the term wrongful death, but what does it really mean?  If someone dies because of the actions, negligence, or conduct of another person or a company, the family can file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party.  It doesn’t matter if the death was intentional or accidental, the fact remains that the actions or negligence of someone else caused your family member’s death.  Over our 33 years of practice, we typically see these types of cases relating to catastrophic auto accidents and/or accidents caused by a drunk driver.   This could be the driver of another vehicle, the auto maker, or the driver of the car in which your loved one was a passenger. In other words, someone other than the deceased had to have acted in a negligent manner to have caused the accident.

It’s important that you make informed decisions that best serve you and your family. You need to understand the steps you must consider to preserve your rights related to the wrongful death of your loved one and as difficult as it will seem,  you should take action right away.  Preserve evidence and don’t speak to ANYONE about the accident except your attorney.  Hire an experienced Utah Wrongful Death attorney.  They should not charge you and should advance all costs and expenses  investigating your loved one’s accident.  William Rawlings & Associates has a no fee guarantee which means you pay nothing until your case is settled.

Fatality claims are serious and can result in the recovery of a very substantial amount of money, therefore, don’t be surprised if the responsible party’s insurance company will try to protect themselves first and deny their responsibility for the accident.  You will want an attorney who will aggressively attack this denial.  William Rawlings & Associates were former claims adjusters and attorneys for a large Insurance Company, so we know the games Insurance Companies play and the tactics they use to deny claims.  We have never lost a wrongful death claim and welcome the challenge of an Insurance Company denial!

Filing a wrongful death claim does not mean that your case will ever go to trial. In fact, most of our wrongful death cases are settled without a trial.  This is because we have extensive experience in gathering the facts, hiring accident reconstructionists, contacting and locating witnesses and we have earned our reputation in the legal community as being strong and feared advocates for our clients. Let us help you through this process and secure your family’s future.  We can meet at a place and time that suits your needs.  Allow us to manage and take care of this very stressful situation for you and your family.