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Different Types of Distracted Driving

As cell phones and other in-car devices have become more common, so has the rate of distracted driving and accidents resulting from them. But while these devices understandably get a lot of the blame for these increases, there are actually several kinds of distracted drivers out there who are endangering others as they drive.

At the offices of William Rawlings & Associates, we can provide comprehensive attorney services if you’ve been injured in an auto accident featuring a potentially distracted driver. Let’s go over the different types of distraction that can cause distracted driving so you’re aware of all the possibilities here if you’re in an accident.

different types distracted driving

Visual Distractions

As the name suggests, visual distractions are those that take your eyes away from the road and onto something else, even for a brief period. It’s curious and a bit ironic that perhaps the single most common type of visual distraction is in fact a car accident on the side of the road – and yet, this kind of rubbernecking is exactly what often causes these accidents to begin with.

It’s vital for drivers to remember at all times that the most important thing to focus on is the road. An outside distraction may seem important in the moment, but it’s definitely not more important than your life or safety.

Manual Distractions

Manual distractions are a broad category that refer to any action that takes one or both hand away from the steering wheel or other driving mechanisms. Many visual distractions are actually manual distractions also – think of things like checking your cell phone or changing the song on your iPod. Not only do these actions require looking away from the road, they require the use of at least one of your hands.

There are others that aren’t necessarily visual, but they’re similarly dangerous. Eating, drinking, fixing makeup or hair, or reaching into the back seat for a variety of reasons are all good examples. Even if these don’t necessarily cause you to take your eyes off the road, they can still serve as distractions. And if you cause an accident while distracted in this way, you could easily be liable for damages caused.

Cognitive Distractions

Cognitive distractions are a bit more of a vague category, referring not to any specific event but rather to any loss of focus while behind the wheel. The most common example of cognitive distraction is actually dozing off or falling asleep, and some people have issues with daydreaming or staring into space. These areas can be tougher to prove during personal injury cases based on the trouble with ascertaining what a driver was focused on at the time of an accident, but they’re still dangerous and often result in serious incidents.

For more on the kinds of distracted driving, or to learn about any of our personal injury attorney services, speak to the staff at the offices of William Rawlings & Associates today.


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