Mar 28 2016


You’ve seen the commercials with Bill Gephardt once again as the People’s Advocate recommending businesses he has investigated.  William Rawlings & Associates is proud to be the FIRST Law Firm in the state of Utah to be Gephardt Approved! We are back by the Gephardt Approved Guarantee!

They want businesses that care about their customers and they have investigated each one to ensure they are operating business at the highest standards.  The lawyers and staff at William R. Rawlings & Associates pride themselves on their ethics, professionalism, and winning track record.

With over 35 years of experience helping people win personal injury cases, William Rawlings & Associates know that, quite often injury victims need medical care immediately. Unfortunately, in many cases, people don’t have the money to pay for what they need; which may include a lawyer. Doctor and hospital bills are expensive, not to mention specialists, and that is why they will advance all legal costs and expenses to get your case going.  William Rawlings & Associates states that their clients pay nothing to their firm until they either win or settle the case.

Over the years, they have been able to settle 98% of their cases out of court, getting substantial results from insurance companies.  William Rawlings & Associates credits thoroughness and dedication to their clients for earning them the reputation as the attorneys that other lawyers recommend to their family and friends. Should a case be forced to trial, you should know that William Rawlings & Associates has been recognized as one of Utah’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyer’s Association and were recently named as Utah’s TOP 10 Personal Injury Lawyers!