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From Festive to Fatality

This past Fourth of July, most of us were knee deep in BBQs, watermelon eating contests, pool parties and fireworks.  Unfortunately, there are those individuals who have no regard for human life and don’t consider the consequences of their actions.  When you choose to be reckless, your actions are not just affecting you and your life, but are significantly impacting the lives of those around you.

In the heat of the evening on July 4, the Utah Highway Patrol received reports of a reckless driver between Tooele and Wendover driving a Dodge pickup truck the wrong way on I-80. Ultimately, the truck collided head-on with a Suburban. Three people died and one was critically injured. It’s believed the driver, later identified as a resident of West Jordan, was under the influence of alcohol when the crash happened.

This accident was just one of many highway tragedies Utah has seen this summer. All of them take a toll on everyone involved, not just the victims themselves, but their families, the responders on the scene and the emergency crews.   The Police sergeant on the scene reported that it was a horrible scene and was a significant impact which caused debris to fly hundreds of yards in every direction.  With over 17 years on the force, the police sergeant went on to say it was one of the worst accidents he has ever seen.  Tragically, among the dead was a 3-year-old girl.   This hit home for him as the little girl was the same age of his own daughter who certainly thought she would see her dad after work that evening.

We sometimes forget about our first responders and the impact these terrible pictures now deeply imprinted in their memory.  This particular accident was the first for one new trooper who was having difficulty taking a report relating to the 3 year old child and covering her lifeless body lying on the road.  It took crews over nine hours to clear the scene of the accident.

We at William Rawlings & Associates have had to help many victims and their families pick up the pieces after a tragic event.  We should all be mindful of our behavior not only to protect yourself but those around you.   If you or a family member has been the victim of an accident, please contact our experienced accident attorneys who are available 24/7 to discuss your claim.  We will come to you if this is more convenient for you and let’s be careful out there.


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