Jul 01 2022

How Auto Accident Lawyers Recommend Talking to Insurance Adjusters

If you’ve suffered significant injuries in a car wreck, hiring an experienced Utah auto accident lawyer is in your best interests. However, with everything on your plate at the moment, you may not have had a chance to contact a local law firm yet – and you could get a call from the insurance company of the driver at fault for the crash at any point.

So, what should you do if that happens? What do auto accident lawyers in Utah say is the right way to respond? Read on for advice on how to approach your first post-accident phone call from an insurance adjuster.

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Proceed With Caution

The conversation might start off on a friendly note, and the adjuster you speak with may even seem empathetic. Don’t be fooled – this person is not on your side.

For the insurance company of the other driver involved in your car wreck, the number one goal is to figure out a way to pay you as little as possible or, better yet, nothing at all. Insurance adjusters will try to trick you, and anything you say could end up harming your case. Remember this, and refrain from getting chatty.

Stay Calm and Be Polite

Auto accident lawyers in Utah say that the best way to handle a call from an insurance adjuster is to be courteous and speak in a professional manner.

You may be pretty upset about the car wreck and your injuries, but snapping at the adjuster won’t do any good – and that approach could be detrimental to your case, as your words could end up being used against you. Keep a cool head, and you’ll be better able to keep control over the conversation.

Don’t Agree to Be Recorded

If the insurance adjuster asks whether it’s ok to record the conversation – and they very likely will — politely decline, saying that you aren’t comfortable being recorded.

They may make the request in a way that makes it seem like giving a recorded statement is the standard procedure. Or, the adjuster might use phrasing that makes you feel as if you’re obligated to comply. Neither is true, and auto accident lawyers caution that a recorded statement could be used to undermine your claim.

Take Notes During the Talk

The auto accident attorney you hire will want to know about your conversation with the insurance adjuster, so be sure to write down all of the key information as you talk.

Start by jotting down the name, address and phone number of the adjuster along with the name of the insurance company they’re with. As the conversation progresses, take notes on the information you provide and any you receive. Write down any requests that were made, too, and after the call ends, make sure your notes are complete.

Provide Only Basic Facts

The insurance adjuster will be trying to get you to talk about the auto accident, but attorneys say to politely refuse to provide anything but the most basic information.

Telling the adjuster your full name and address is fine, as is telling them the name of your employer. You can also disclose the vehicles involved and the identities of any witnesses. If pressed for details, auto accident lawyers suggest saying that your investigation is ongoing and you aren’t prepared to discuss more at this time.

Don’t Discuss Your Injuries

You can expect questions about your injuries, but you don’t need to provide any health information – not even the name of your doctor or where you’re getting medical care.

Keeping the nature and extent of your injuries to yourself is the best course of action. You might become aware of a new injury related to the car wreck, or your injuries could worsen as time goes on. Anything you say now might be inaccurate, so auto accident lawyers say to tell the adjuster you’re still in treatment and waiting for more information.

End the Conversation Firmly

When you don’t give the insurance adjuster much to work with, they’ll want to speak with you again, but ending the talk in a resolute manner can discourage repeat calls.

Auto accident lawyers in Utah recommend telling the adjuster that contacting you is unnecessary, as you have no other information to provide. Make it perfectly clear that you prefer limited contact in the future – and that you will never agree to settle without first discussing the matter with an experienced attorney.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney

Hiring a skilled auto accident lawyer is the best way to protect yourself after being seriously injured in a car wreck – and William R. Rawlings & Associates is here to meet your needs.

Insurance adjusters are tasked with the job of denying as many auto accident claims as they can. When they can’t deny a claim, their objective is to negotiate the lowest possible settlement. This is the type of work they do every day, and you need an attorney with just as much experience. You’ll find that at William R. Rawlings & Associates.

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