Jun 11 2021

How to Choose a Wrongful Death Attorney

If you recently lost a loved one due to someone’s negligent or careless actions, turn to an experienced wrongful death attorney. While nothing will fill the void left in your life, holding the responsible party accountable may provide you with some relief.

When the cause of your grief is an accidental or wrongful death, getting legal representation can help ensure that you get justice for your loved one. Furthermore, a skilled lawyer can aggressively pursue financial compensation to provide you with the support you need to move forward.

The process of choosing a wrongful death attorney can be challenging, as countless law firms represent clients in accidental death claims. To narrow down your options and find the right lawyer for your case, try these strategies.

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Find Local Lawyers

A simple internet search can provide you with names of local wrongful death lawyers, but keep in mind that a high ranking doesn’t mean an attorney is more qualified for the job. You can also find a legal professional with the skills to take on your case by:

  • Asking friends, family members and colleagues if they have a recommendation
  • Checking with an attorney who has helped you with another legal matter
  • Contacting your local bar association for a list of lawyers who specialize in accidental death claims.

Look for Relevant Experience

Legal expertise matters a great deal, and you’ll want to choose an attorney who has ample experience with the areas of law relevant to your case. To figure out if a lawyer might be qualified to handle your accidental death claim:

  • Browse their website to see which types of cases they routinely take on
  • Look at the bar association website to make sure the lawyer is in good standing
  • Read online reviews and search for news stories that feature the attorney

Schedule Consultations

Once you have taken the steps listed above, you should have a few wrongful death attorneys at the top of your list. Now, it’s time to schedule a meeting with each of those lawyers.

Most legal professionals offer free initial consultations, which allow you the opportunity to interview the lawyer. When you meet with a wrongful death attorney, ask questions about your case and how they would proceed. After you have consulted with all the law firms you’re considering, think about how the appointments went and trust your gut in making your choice on who to hire.

Trust William R. Rawlings & Associates

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