Mar 03 2014

I call shotgun!

Passengers are frequently the innocent victims in most Utah automobile accidents. The responsible parties can include the driver of the vehicle in which you were a passenger, another driver on the road and even the manufacturer of the vehicles involved. Some of the most common causes included speeding, failure to yield, tailgating, improper lane changes and driver impairment. When negligence is to blame for your injuries, you are entitled to make a claim against the responsible party for medical expenses; personal property damaged in the accident, loss of income and pain and suffering.

When the accident results in long-term health consequences such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis or disfigurement, you may also be entitled to compensation for loss of earning capacity, rehabilitation and loss of enjoyment of life.  Should the crash result in fatal injuries the claim now becomes a wrongful death and loved ones can pursue a claim on behalf of their loved one.

To help ensure that you are able to pursue a claim, it is imperative that the driver of the vehicle in which you were a passenger obtains as much information about the other drivers involved in the crash, such as drivers’ license numbers, vehicle registrations and contact information. If you or the driver is able to do so, you can also help document what happened by gathering the names of witnesses and taking pictures of the accident scene. When the negligent driver is a friend, it can be uncomfortable to pursue a personal injury claim. However, it is important to remember that the driver was responsible for keeping you safe while you were a passenger in his or her vehicle. Moreover, because the driver likely carries automobile insurance, the party responsible for providing compensation is the insurance company and not your friend. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, you must act quickly to protect your legal rights.

We at William Rawlings & Associates have over 33 years protecting accident victims and their families.  Let our experienced Utah personal injury lawyers help you determine the at-fault parties and negotiate with the insurance companies to obtain full and fair compensation for your loss.  We are available 24/7 and will be happy to discuss your accident claim with you.  We invite you to visit with one of our attorneys at our office, or if it is more convenient to you we will come to your home, office, even the hospital.