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What Kind Of Injuries Are Common In Rollover Accidents

Some of the most dangerous vehicular crashes include rollover accidents. The fatality rate for rollover accidents is the highest with over 10,000 deaths every year. A rollover accident is the one in which a vehicle turns upside down on its roof or either of the two sides. The causes of rollover accidents vary depending upon various factors including composition of vehicles. Vehicles that are more likely to undergo a rollover accident are Sport Utility Vehicles and Light Weight Trucks. Because of a higher center of gravity, these vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers.

Most rollover accidents involve only one vehicle that goes out of control because of slippery or snowy road, bumpy ground, and soft road shoulders, smashing with guardrails or curbs following the loss of grip by the vehicle or as a result of crashing with an obstacle while driving.

Characteristics and Causes of Rollover Injuries

According to an analysis done by the National Automotive Sampling System, the body parts that are usually injured by a rollover accident include upper and lower limbs, thorax, abdominal region, as well as head and neck. Common rollover injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Fractured bones
  • Bruises, skin ruptures and scrapes

Most of these injuries result from collision with another vehicle or obstacle, slamming with unprotected cargo, contact with a broken piece of metal or glass, getting ejected from the vehicle or being tossed inside it as a result of the accident. Other consequences of these injuries that may be long lasting include damage of dire bodily functions like sight, memory, speech, emotional control, complete or partial loss of vision, dental injuries, loss of hearing, long-lasting backache, arms or leg amputation, and a wide range of injuries to internal organs, nerves and veins.

What should be done after an accident?

After a rollover accident the foremost step that should be followed is informing the authorities and getting the required medical care for injuries. Sometimes, the symptoms of severe injuries may not come forth straightaway or become physically apparent. In such a case, delaying the required medical attention may lead to a decrease in chances of recovery of a potentially fatal injury which will worsen your condition.

Contact a Skilled Car Accident Attorney to get Free Consultation

After you receive the medical attention you needed, the next step should be seeking help of an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss the conditions associated with the accident. A rollover accident may result from negligence by another driver, municipalities liable for road hazards, or manufacturer of the faulty vehicle. In order to find out the liable party, an experienced attorney should be contacted at the initial stages following an auto accident as the party at fault is difficult to determine after the initial stages have passed. The attorney will also help you file the right lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers are available to help you evaluate the merits and demerits of your lawsuit and to provide you the guidance that you need to pursue the right claims to get the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost wages, property destruction and pain or suffering.

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