Apr 07 2016

Michael Call:  Client update and review

Mr. Call was stopped at a light preparing to make a left hand turn on 3000 E.  He was watching cross traffic in both directions travelling on 6200 W.  As the light for cross traffic turned red one vehicle ran through the red light and impacted with another vehicle making a left hand turn.  That impact was so severe that it propelled one of the cars into Mr. Call who was at a dead stop.

Both of these vehicles were insured and both pointing the fingers at each other as to who was at fault.  Either way, Mr. Call was not negligent and did not contribute to his injuries.  As a result of the impact, Mr. Call sustained neck and back injuries as well as an injury to his right shoulder.  He received physical therapy and was advised he could be a surgical candidate for his shoulder should his injury not resolve itself.  Mr. Call’s medical expenses were over $15,000.  We sent our demand to both Insurance carriers, neither one wanting to accept responsibility for the accident.  After intense negotiations we settled with one Insurance company for their policy limits of $100,000 and received an additional $24,000 from the carrier for a total of $124,000.

Mr. Call was very pleased with the settlement and reminded us that he had first consulted with one of the TV lawyers who decided they did not want his case!  Mr. Call posted a review on AVVO.Com as follows:

Justice Fulfilled

“I was in a situation some people called hopeless, and people doubted my pain, but the Rawlings firm stood behind me. They took me in, listened to my doctors, believed I was really hurt and pursued my case. They were timely, pleasant to work with and always answered the phone. I had no idea how well they were going to do for me, but they delivered. Thank you so much William Rawlings and Associates.”

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