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motorcycle and car crash When an individual is involved in a motorcycle accident, the physical and financial damage can be extreme and the path to recovery can be long. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that you believe was caused by another party’s negligence, you will need a Utah personal injury attorney with expertise in representing motorcycle injury victims. A skilled motorcycle injury lawyer in Utah will have a deep understanding of the legal process necessary to manage your case from start to finish. This will help you earn the compensation that you need to overcome the harm done by the accident.

Motorcycle Accidents Result in Severe Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are generally considered the worst type of crashes since motorcycles can be driven at high speeds and do not offer their riders much protection. Researchers have noted that 98% result in injuries. Many accidents end in serious injury or death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the division of the U.S. Department of Transportation tasked with road safety, has noted that a motorcycle rider is 8 times more likely to be injured and 37 times more likely to die in an accident than the occupant of a car in an automobile accident. In the past decade, accident deaths have doubled, in part due to more motorcycles being purchased each year, not only by younger riders who have less experience riding, but, increasingly, by riders over 40 who have slower reaction times. Also, there is more congestion on our streets and drivers travel at faster speeds.

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Common Motorcycle Injuries

30% of all motorcycle injuries are to the legs and feet. 22% of injuries are to the head and neck. Serious injuries can be limited if the rider uses quality safety equipment. For instance, a helmet should cover the entire face, fit well, and be less than 5 years old. The glue that holds the protective material together deteriorates over time and a poorly-fitting helmet may come apart during an accident.

Choosing the Right Utah Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists have a vulnerability to injury that other vehicle operators don't. An inattentive driver can swerve into your lane, causing you to lose control of your bike, even if there is no car collision. If a car suddenly stops in front of you, you can suffer serious injury. We handle all matters related to claims for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, whether you were operating the bike, were a passenger, or were a pedestrian. Our trusted Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyers will be your advocate with all parties, including insurance providers, working to get full and fair compensation for all your losses. That includes wages and income to medical expenses to physical pain and suffering. William R. Rawlings & Associates is known as a premiere Utah law firm with lawyers particularly experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases. Our knowledgeable motorcycle injury attorneys have won thousands of accident cases and have the resources to help you obtain the highest recovery possible. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Utah Motorcycle Accident FAQs

If you were hurt in a Utah motorcycle accident, you need comprehensive medical care and other resources to help get you back on your feet. A personal injury lawyer will protect your legal rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Here are a few of the most common questions our clients have about motorcycle injury accident claims.

What Is My Utah Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

Although the value of your claim will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries and other details of your case, you may be entitled to recover damages for some or all of the following:
  • Emergency transport,
  • Emergency medical treatment,
  • Hospital stays,
  • Surgery costs,
  • Medical testing and imaging,
  • Anesthesiologists and other specialists,
  • Prescription medications,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Lost wages and benefits,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Emotional trauma.
Your attorney might also pursue compensation for any scarring, disability, or permanent damages you suffered including diminished earning capacity and lost enjoyment of life.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Accident Claims in Utah?

The Utah statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the date of the accident or injury. Unless you pursue legal action within this period, you could sacrifice your rights to recover financial compensation. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help ensure that you take appropriate action before your time runs out. In some cases, you may be able to extend the time you have to take action. Your attorney can explain how those possible exceptions might apply to your case.

What Should I Do After a Utah Car Accident?

When you get into a motor vehicle accident of any type, these steps will help ensure your safety. Taking the right steps can also help ensure that you recover the damages you deserve for your injuries.
  1. Get to Safety and Call 911
After a vehicle crash, get safely off the roadway but, if possible, leave your bike where it is. Call 911 and request police and an ambulance. Even if you believe you aren’t hurt, having EMTs check you out is a good idea. You could be in shock or have internal injuries that you aren’t aware of.
  1. Check on Other Victims
If others sustained injuries, check on them if you can do so safely. Never try to move an accident victim, however, if you suspect they might have neck or spine injuries.
  1. Gather Information & Evidence
Take pictures of the accident scene and all vehicles involved. Collect information from any witnesses and exchange information with other motorists who were involved. Be sure you get photos of the other vehicles’ license plate and the driver’s insurance information.
  1. Do Not Admit Fault
No matter what you believe took place, do not admit fault to the police or other parties. You have no way to know what might have happened and admitting fault could jeopardize your potential claim. Provide facts and information for the police report and nothing more.
  1. Seek Medical Attention
After an accident, go to the emergency room or see a doctor immediately for a full medical evaluation. Shock and other factors can mask the signs of serious injury. Your medical records will form the basis of your injury accident claim and, if you refuse medical evaluation, the insurance company can use that factor to deny your claim.
  1. Contact a Utah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
After any type of personal injury accident, do not talk to or provide a statement for any insurance company – including yours – until you talk to a lawyer. Insurance companies will go to great lengths to minimize their liability. If you provide a statement, they can use your words to deny your claim. Likewise, don’t sign any documents or accept any checks from the insurer, even if they tell you it’s a partial payment. If you endorse their check, you could be signing away your right to recover fair compensation. Talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer won’t cost you anything and you’ll get the answers you need to make good decisions. If fact, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until your attorney recovers compensation for your injuries.