Mar 05 2017


pic seasons

Statistically, whether you consult the Utah Department of Public Safety or any one of America’s many insurance companies, you’ll always hear that summer is the most dangerous time to drive. Specifically the months of June, July and August have the highest mortality rate due to auto accidents. While this may seem contradictory to what most people would think, there are many valid reasons that explain this phenomenon.

The first reason has to do with the amount of drivers on the road. During the summer months, the number of people that drive to see family or go on vacation rises dramatically. Specifically, the weekend closest to the Fourth of July poses the biggest threat to motorists.

The second reason has to do with the average speed of cars on the road. Since summer generally comes with more favorable driving conditions, drivers don’t feel the need to slow down. Truthfully, human reflexes are only so fast and a higher speed results in less reaction time for drivers.

Although summertime is highly anticipated, people must keep in mind the risks they run while driving a car. Caution is always necessary when operating a vehicle, especially on the freeway. Here at  William Rawlings & Associates we are committed to both keeping roads in Utah safe and helping those who have been hurt in auto accidents.