Jul 18 2014

From Festive to Fatality

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This past Fourth of July, most of us were knee deep in BBQs, watermelon eating contests, pool parties and fireworks.  Unfortunately, there are those individuals who have no regard for human life and don’t consider the consequences of their actions.  When you choose to be reckless, your actions are not just affecting you and your life, but are significantly impacting the lives of those around you.

May 13 2013

MADD about Drinking


William R. Rawlings & Associates have over 35 years representing accident victims hit by drunk drivers.  We aggressively handle drug and drunk driving related accidents. Every auto accident causes victims pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, medical bills and property damage. However, accidents caused by drunk drivers can have a long term effect on the victims and their families. Drunk drivers are choosing to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and putting not only themselves in danger, but everyone else on the road. William R. Rawlings & Associates aggressively and vigorously handles these claims both on a criminal and civil litigation level.