Jun 26 2015

Injured In An Accident? Don’t Be a Victim Twice.


Getting injured in an accident because of somebody else’s negligence or misconduct is bad enough. Becoming a victim of an insurance company’s games and unfair tactics can make things even worse. At William Rawlings & Associates we know accidents happen. While being an accident victim may be unavoidable, choosing the wrong attorney is not. Our attorneys have more than 70 years combined experience handling highly complicated personal injury claims.

Aug 07 2014
Feb 26 2014

The Hit & Run

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Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run cases are probably the most difficult cases to prove and can have the most catastrophic consequences.  Hit and Run incidents are where one driver makes the cold and calculated decision to leave the scene of an accident without stopping to see if someone has been hurt, or worse, killed.  Of course, some hit and run drivers may be in shock immediately after an accident.   Some are afraid of the consequences of their actions because they have been drinking, or maybe driving without insurance, or on a suspended license.  Most cases, the individual has been in trouble with the law before.

Feb 11 2014

Your Accident Paper Trail


Accidents are stressful on your body and your wallet.  There are a few things you can do to help you save stress and money after being involved in an auto, truck  or pedestrian accident.

Have the at-fault party repair your vehicle.  If the other party’s insurance company repairs your vehicle you do not have to pay your deductible.  If you choose to go through your own carrier to repair or replace your car, you will eventually get your deductible back, it just may take 6 months to up to 1 year before you see it.

Nov 14 2013

Third Time’s the Charm


Most people  do not have the negotiation skills and experience to properly evaluate and present their claim to the responsible party’s insurance company to fully compensate them for their injury and their out of pocket expenses.   Even with those skills, people without lawyers are unlikely to get full value for their case because they cannot file a lawsuit and pursue it if the insurance company denies their claim.

Apr 09 2013

FaceBook and your Personal Injury Claim


Social Media has become a way of life for most people and is the primary source of information and communication between family, friends and business associates.  The problem we are sometimes faced with is the fact that anything we post on any social media network can be fair game to anyone who can access it.  So how does this affect your personal injury claim?