Nov 14 2013

Third Time’s the Charm


Most people  do not have the negotiation skills and experience to properly evaluate and present their claim to the responsible party’s insurance company to fully compensate them for their injury and their out of pocket expenses.   Even with those skills, people without lawyers are unlikely to get full value for their case because they cannot file a lawsuit and pursue it if the insurance company denies their claim.

While many cases settle prior to filing a lawsuit, sometimes, this may be your only option when the Insurance Company is clearly unreasonable or flat out denies your claim.  Our Firm recently handled one such case where a college student was hit in a crosswalk while crossing the street with some friends.   She was hit by a vehicle, thrown into the air and landed on her face.  Aside from the fractured collar bone, she also sustained significant facial injuries.  She had absolutely no private medical insurance to pay for her medical bills.

She had initially retained one of the TV lawyers who subsequently dropped her case because the insurance company disputed liability claiming their insured was not at fault.   We find this happens often with the larger Firms who are looked upon as “mills” churning clients in and out looking for a quick return in settlement.  She came to our Firm for help with $25,000 in medical expenses with future dental procedures needed for her facial injuries.

Her case had been denied TWICE before she came to our Firm.  We contacted the Insurance Company and provided an eye witness who clearly stated that their insured turned into our client as she was crossing on a green light even though this fact was not clearly indicated on the police report.  A new adjuster was assigned to the case and the case was denied for a third time!   We immediately filed our lawsuit and served their insured with a copy.  A week later the case settled for the policy limits which aside from a significant settlement also covered her medical and dental expenses.

We are not afraid of the Insurance Company or a challenge or a fight.  Put our Utah car accident attorneys and over 33 years of experience on your team.  Call us today for a free consultation for a new claim or for a second opinion on an existing claim.  It’s the right choice guaranteed.