May 19 2015

To Call or Not to Call


There are some very important things you should Do and Not do right after an accident. You have heard horror stories about how Insurance companies treat victims of terrible accidents. Unfortunately, after an accident YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR OWN CARRIER. You have paid premiums to protect yourself against uninsured drivers and you most likely have medical coverage to pay for that ambulance and Emergency room visit.

An Insurance company IS an Insurance Company EVEN IF THEY ARE YOUR OWN. Insurance Companies are in the business to take your premium and to fight hard NOT to pay out any money on legitimate claims. Come on people, by now you have got to know, they are huge corporations in the business of MAKING money, not giving it away, especially to those who pay enormous and expensive premiums every year. We at William Rawlings & Associates will help you make that call.

Get Medical attention right away…no excuses…why? Insurance companies don’t care you cannot afford it or do not have private medical insurance. Their attitude is, if you are hurt, you will seek treatment. If you are in the state of Utah, most auto policies have a minimum of $3,000 medical coverage. Just understand that the insured responsible party only pays for the value of your claim. They do not have to pay for medical expenses as you incur them. We can help you with your medical expenses as they are incurred by obtaining liens from your medical providers and help keep them from going to collections.
Call your attorney: we will take care of everything; deal with the Insurance adjusters; get your vehicle repaired, get you the medical attention you need; set up appointments with specialists or surgeons; we are here to take on all the stress while you concentrate on getting your life back on track.