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Passengers extend their trust to owners, operators and drivers each time they board a bus. They expect that the bus will be correctly designed, manufactured and operated. Passenger faith extends, as well, to those who have the task of seeing that our roadways are kept safe for travel. When these beliefs are betrayed and serious injury occurs, you may want to call William Rawlings & Associates.  We have over 35 years of success in helping people who have been harmed by the negligence of others.  We are proven Utah bus accident lawyers who take pride in handling the difficult cases all the way, to trial when needed, in order to produce a favorable outcome for you.

Many bus companies have lawyers and insurance adjusters who are trained to minimize your claims or deny them. In all likelihood you will be asked to make statements without a lawyer present. Additionally, fast settlements are frequently offered in the hope you will take a much lower amount of compensation than you deserve. You may be eligible to file claims for your medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, worker's compensation, vocational rehabilitation, punitive damages and more. We urge you to take time with an attorney from our firm, before giving a bus company any information or agreeing to settle your claim. It can make a vast difference to your future.

Careless or unsafe practices by bus drivers are a leading cause of injury in bus accidents. In many cases, however, a bus company or their insurer will be the parties who are financially responsible for your claim. Large companies, their attorneys and insurance representatives know how to minimize settlements. We understand the tactics that will be used and how to effectively combat them to your benefit.  With the vast amount of new roads and freeways popping up in Utah and the great number of miles that buses accumulate daily, serious bus accidents do occur. The injurious effects of these can be magnified by the size and weight of buses along with the speeds they travel on freeways. The cause of your accident and who was responsible must be found to ensure fair compensation is paid in your case.

Bus driver negligence or distraction is not the only cause of bus accidents.  Hazardous road conditions such as defects in road design or maintenance, dangerous intersections, inadequate lighting or missing signs can create unsuspected dangers to bus passengers. The Utah Department of Transportation and other governmental agencies have a responsibility to drivers and passengers to keep our roads safe. When this does occur, effective legal action by our firm must be taken to compensate you for your injuries and to protect other passengers on our roads.

Unfortunately, we have also represented people who, as pedestrians, were hit by a bus, only to have the bus continue on driving without a care to who they hit, injured or possibly killed.   A hit and run bus accident can also happen if a bus is hit by a vehicle that then departs the scene in violation of the law. In either case, the victims are those who are injured and now face large medical bills, loss of wages and other costs while trying to recover from their injuries. We gather police reports, witness statements and other documentation to find and pursue compensation from the party who was responsible.

UTA bus accident laws limit time periods to take legal actions.  There are rules and regulations most people are not aware of regarding caps on damages, federal and state laws and other legal factors that make UTA bus accidents complicated. Although a UTA bus may be at fault in your accident, this does not mean that you will be offered a fair settlement.  As public transportation accidents routinely involve a government entity, it is vital that we investigate the cause of your injuries quickly. Failure to comply with government statute of limitations on the filing of claims may preclude you from being able to make a claim for your damages!  Additionally, public buses are commonly protected by difficult standards when it comes to their negligent activities. We are very familiar with the laws that surround these companies and how to navigate them to your benefit

There are many more types of accidents involving Trax, school buses, tour buses etc. Contact a Salt Lake bus accident attorney from our firm.  Protect yourself against the numerous regulations, rules and procedures when filing a claim against a bus company.


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