Dec 13 2013

Who Do I Call…(besides Ghostbusters?!)


Sometimes the hardest part about a car accident isn’t the accident itself, it’s all the fuss that comes with it and that’s where our office of experienced personal injury attorneys can help.  Since we can’t be at the scene of the accident with you, here are some tips to get your accident claim off on the right foot.


Call the Police–It doesn’t matter how big or small your accident is, filing a Police Report is a crucial step in your car accident claim.  Did you know most car insurance policies require you to file a police report in certain situations?  Failing to do so could violate your policy terms and your claim could be denied!  More importantly,  a Police Report is the perfect reference tool.  You will probably be in a little bit of shock after the impact and the details may be difficult to recall later.  The Police Report will have all the important facts for you and your attorney to review later.  If the police choose not to come to the scene, ALWAYS log the address, time and date of the accident.  You will also want to get the full name, address and phone number  of the other party and any witnesses.  USE YOUR CELL PHONE to take photos of the damage to all cars involved in the accident and photo of the responsible party’s driver’s license.  You have now just become your own private investigator!

Seek medical attention right away–Health is the key to happiness.  You may not feel like you are terribly injured, especially if you are experiencing shock, but whiplash type injuries have a way of creeping up on you.   Visit an Emergency Room, InstaCare or your Primary Care doctor  for an examination and x-rays to rule out any fractures.  Soft tissue injuries or “whiplash” usually doesn’t rear its ugly head until a couple days later.  So while you may think you are fine directly after the accident, in a couple of days you may feel like you just got hit by a Mac Truck!

Seek legal help–Insurance companies will do their best to take advantage of you and pay out as little as possible for your vehicle and injury claim.  Many new clients come to us after they have tried dealing with the insurance company themselves.  Once William Rawlings & Associates gets involved, things start moving for our clients.  Their cars get repaired, they get a rental car while theirs is in the shop, they get the medical treatment they need and referrals to specialists when surgery may be needed.  All of this is done without ANY out of pocket cost to the client.  We take the worry and stress out of the situation.  Call us today for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced accident attorneys.