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Have you been hurt in a bicycle accident?

William R. Rawlings & Associates, LLC, have been strong and successful advocates for personal injury victims in Utah for more than 35 years. We are former insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys. We know how insurance companies evaluate bicycle accident injury claims and the tactics they will use to try to diminish, delay or deny your claim. We have extensive trial experience, but we settle more than 98 percent of our cases, saving you the time, expense and stress of litigation.

All of our personal injury claims receive the same high level of attention, whether you have suffered a soft tissue injury or serious and catastrophic loss such as head, brain or spinal cord trauma, broken bones, paralysis, or amputation/loss of limb. We have the resources to take the difficult cases, as well as those claims that may require a significant amount of time to prepare.

We are proud to be the attorneys that other lawyers recommend to their friends and family, as well as their clients. In recognition of our effectiveness, founding partner Bill Rawlings has been recognized as one of Utah’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, has three times been named among “Utah’s Legal Elite” by Utah Business Magazine and was named Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year.

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Our Utah Bicycle Accident Practice

We know from experience that many pedestrian and bicycle accidents occur because motorists simply don’t exercise a reasonable standard of care. Many injuries take place when you are exactly where you are supposed to be, in a bike lane or path, or on a marked crosswalk.

We will carefully gather all the evidence necessary to support your claim, will prepare and file the documents required by the court, and will be a strong advocate in all hearings and proceedings, from depositions to settlement conferences to trial.

Contact the Office of William R. Rawlings & Associates, LLC today for a free consultation to speak with one of our experienced Salt Lake City bike accident attorneys, contact us online or call our office at 801-553-0505. We will come to you, your home, your office or the hospital, if necessary.

Call us now to protect your rights, and as needed, to obtain immediate medical attention. As Utah personal injury lawyers we’ve collected millions of dollars for our clients and their families.