Utah Personal Injury Top Case Results

Seven Figure Car Accident Settlement

Husband and Wife were traveling to Idaho when their tire blew out and caused their vehicle to roll. They suffered extensive injuries with over $300,000 in medical expenses. The Firm hired an expert Accident Reconstructionist who determined that the tire was defective and that this Tire Company had been in the news recently for selling defective tires as new tires. The case settled at mediation.

Seven Figure Personal Injury Verdict

Client came home from a business trip late in the evening and slipped on ice that had frozen over from water leaking from a drain. The landlord had been called regarding this leak on numerous occasions. The client did not see the ice had formed as it was in the evening and he had been away for quite some time. Client had neck and back surgery and extensive wage loss. The Firm was successful in proving notice to the landlord.

Seven Figure Truck Accident Settlement

Client was a 40 year old father of 4 children and a long haul driver for a major trucking company in Utah when he was rear ended by another truck who lost control on the freeway. He had several surgeries and was no longer able to drive a truck. He had a limited education and work skills so he had to be retrained for another position within the company. The Firm hired a Life Care Planner to document his loss of earning capacity because of the injuries he sustained.

Six Figure Personal Injury Settlement

Female paraplegic client had use of her upper body prior to being dropped from her wheelchair by an assistant at a hair salon. After she was dropped she had limited use of her upper body and arms as was substantiated by her care givers. Settlement included extensive future physical therapy to regain her upper body strength.

Six Figure Personal Injury Settlement

Elderly woman was exiting her doctor’s office and tripped and fell on a door stop that had been placed in the middle of the floor. The door stop was placed there to keep the door from hitting some furniture. She sustained head and neck trauma and lost some teeth as she hit her face forward during the fall. It was determined that other clients had complained about tripping on that same door stop before and had advised the doctor and employees on numerous occasions.

Six Figure Pedestrian Injury Settlement

A pedestrian was crossing at an intersection and was halfway across when the light turned red. A vehicle coming in the opposite direction was not paying attention and struck our client causing him to fly up in the air and landed on the hood of the car. The client sustained a broken arm and traumatic brain injury when his head crashed into the windshield on impact.

Six Figure Personal Injury Settlement

A young mother was shopping at a Warehouse store when a store employee was removing some lumber from a wire shelf. The employee lost his balance and he and the lumber fell on the client as she was passing through the aisle. The collision caused her to suffer a rotator cuff tear in her shoulder which required surgery. It was determined that the employee did not follow store protocol when removing and replacing heavy items within the store premises in close proximity to store customers.

Six Figure Auto Accident Injury Settlement

Several young men were traveling together for a business training course when they came to a train tracks just as the “Warning Arm” was coming down. Our client, who was a passenger in the back stated that one of the other passengers told the driver, “go around the warning arm, otherwise we are going to be sitting here all day long”. They almost made it through the intersection when the train collided with the back of the vehicle killing the driver and severely injuring the passengers. The driver’s policy was not sufficient to cover all the passenger’s claims. It is at that point they we made a claim with each passengers own automobile policy under their Underinsured Motorist Coverage.

Six Figure Car Accident Injury Settlement

A mother and her two sons where driving back to Utah from California on the freeway after a tennis tournament. The fog started to roll in during the early evening and became so thick that you could not see very far in front of you. She noticed hazard lights in her lane and slowed to almost 25 mpg. A tractor trailer had previously lost control; and collided with another car and was stopped in her lane. She was slowly coming to a stop when another trucker, going too fast, rear ended her and crashed her vehicle under the truck in her lane. Her sons were able to climb out of the windows of the car, but the rescuers needed the ‘jaws of life” to remove her from the vehicle.