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Doctor pointing at a brain scan Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as intra-cranial injury, occurs when brain damage is caused by sudden trauma. Depending on the extent of the brain damage, symptoms of the injury can be mild, moderate or severe. Like the symptoms, the outcome of a brain injury can be mild (complete recovery) to severe (permanent disability or death). Approximately 200,000 Americans die each year from brain injuries. About half a million or more are hospitalized. About 10 percent of the surviving individuals have mild to moderate problems that threaten their ability to live independently. Another 200,000 have serious problems that may require institutionalization or some other form of close supervision. Of all types of personal injury, those to the brain are among the most likely to result in death or permanent disability.

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Utah Brain Injury Lawyers

Estimates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) incidence, severity and cost reflect the enormous losses to individuals, their families and society from these injuries. William R. Rawlings & Associates understands that serious and catastrophic injuries present significant challenges to each and every aspect of daily living. Recovering from these injuries require a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, many times it is not possible to make a full recovery. Contact the Office of William R. Rawlings & Associates to speak with one of our experienced Utah traumatic brain injury lawyers. All consultations are free.