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Catastrophic Injuries : Auto, Truck or Motorcycle Accident


Following a catastrophic personal injury, it is so important that your medical record tells the story of your injury accident.  Your catastrophic injury medical record begins to be created the moment you first seek treatment following an accident. (If you have a preexisting condition that is exacerbated by the injury accident, then your medical record should encompass all treatment you received for this preexisting condition, as well.) One of the tasks of the injury victim is to build as thorough of a record as possible. The more complete the medical record, the greater the likelihood is that the victim will be able to recover compensation.

Providing the treating physician with a full and complete list of your symptoms is a start.  It does little good to tell the doctor you “feel bad” when you visit with him or her. Instead, you should provide your doctor with as much detail as possible about your injuries. Answering questions such as “What part or parts of your body hurt,” “When did you first notice the pain,” and “What limitations do you have as a result of the injury” each and every time you visit with the doctor will help eliminate accusations that you are exaggerating your symptoms and help prevent the trouble that can arise if you claim compensation for injuries you did not report to your medical treatment provider.

Keep all follow-up appointments. Unless your injuries are only superficial, your doctor or medical care provider will want to see you for one or more follow-up visits to ensure your wounds and injuries are healing properly. Few things undermine a claim that certain injuries are serious and life-altering than failing to keep these follow-up appointments. Judges and juries routinely conclude that a victim’s failure to keep follow-up appointments is indicative of injuries that are not severe.

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