Jul 26 2017

Car Damaged in an Accident for Total Loss

You’ve been in a car accident and you are injured.  Your car is also damaged severely and is a total loss.  Where do you go from here?  What are your rights?

Fair Market Value

Many people want their car repaired after an accident.  Mainly because they do not have the extra money to buy a new car.  Not all cars are repairable after an accident.  The value of your claim generally is determined by the cost of repairing it to its pre-accident condition.  However, if the repair cost is 70% or more of the value of the car the Insurance Company will deem it a total loss.

So now your car is a total loss?  What is it worth?

May 17 2017

Personal Injury Lawyer


When you have been injured in an accident, you may need a personal injury lawyer.  We will  help you get fair compensation from the insurance companies. The insurance companies have a team of lawyers with their best interests in mind.  So if you want fair compensation you need William Rawlings & Associates.  We are a Salt Lake City and Provo personal injury lawyer team.  We have the experience and expertise you need to get a fair settlement or court-awarded compensation.   Many people associate hiring an attorney with big upfront costs.  However, when you work with William Rawlings & Associates you don’t pay until we win or settle your case.   If you suspect you may need a personal injury lawyer, don’t wait until it’s too late.  Call us now at 801-553-0505.

Apr 20 2017


The daylight-saving time change will force most of us to spring forward and advance our clocks one hour. This effectively moves an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening, giving us those long summer nights. But waking up 1 hour earlier may not be so easy, having lost an hour of precious sleep and perhaps driving to work in the dark.  How time changes actually affect you depends on your own personal health, sleep habits, and lifestyle.

Apr 05 2017


pic ped cross

Driving is a dangerous activity but is very necessary for our busy lives.   Not only is it threatening for those who find themselves directly behind the wheel of a vehicle in Salt Lake City, Provo, or elsewhere in Utah, but it can also be a point of concern for pedestrians.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each and every year, roughly 5,000 pedestrians are involved in fatal automobile accidents. Even more harrowing, upwards of 76,000 pedestrians are injured in many an auto accident in which they seemingly should have no part. Oftentimes, a lawyer is needed to make sure claims are handled fairly with the Insurance Company.

Feb 27 2017

Injury Lawyer Tip: What to do after your FREE CONSULTATION

pic free

You’ve been hurt in an auto accident in Utah or perhaps another state and, unfortunately, the accident was caused by another party’s negligence. Soon, it becomes clear that you will need to hire a lawyer to ensure that you’re fairly compensated for your troubles.

You have located a reputable personal injury law firm, you’ve arranged for a free consultation. Before speaking with an auto accident attorney, you’ll want to be prepared to get the most out of your free consultation. Before you go into that consultation here are a couple of tips for making certain that a positive interaction occurs.

Feb 20 2017

Nursing Home Abuse

pic elder abuse

When you learn that a loved one may be the victim of nursing home abuse, the realization can be painful and emotionally trying. Instead of feeling a sense of despair, there are steps that you can take to end the abuse and get the help that you need for your loved one. There are federal and state laws in place to ensure that your loved one is protected, even if he or she is in a state-run facility. There is no excuse for nursing home abuse, which is any act or failure to act that causes mental injury, physical injury or death to a nursing home resident. There are many forms of nursing home abuse, and it may take the following forms:

Feb 13 2017

We Are The Right Semi Truck Accident Attorneys For You

pic semi truck

William R Rawlings and Associates are your best choice for experienced Utah semi-truck accident attorneys. When you team up with us you can expect the best.  We’ll answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the entire process.

We’ll pull together the information needed to build your case, including examining the accident scene and vehicles involved, gathering and evaluating physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, etc. Our experts will stand up to the trucking company’s experts.  We’ll make sure the trucking and insurance companies play by the rules and treat you fairly.  We’ll help you get what you need to recover your old life or adapt to a new one.

Feb 06 2017

Back Injury Lawyers:  Spinal Cord and Paralysis Injuries

pic spine

A spinal cord injury means living with a permanent, debilitating condition that impacts every part of your life for the rest of your life. Contact our experienced, award winning  injury lawyers and let us help you figure out your options and how to move forward.  Our experienced Utah based spinal cord and paralysis lawyers are here to help.

Spinal cord injuries are usually caused by auto accidents, falls, physical assault, and other accidents.  Whatever the cause, a spinal cord injury leaves the victim either partly paralyzed (paraplegia) or completely paralyzed (quadriplegia or tetraplegia). Both conditions require life-long care and destroy your ability to lead an independent life.

Jan 23 2017

Commercial Truck Lawyers

pic delivery truck

Commercial vehicle accidents involve vehicles that are owned and/or operated by a business, frequently semi-trucks, delivery trucks, dump trucks, or similar large vehicles. Let our award winning, experienced lawyers help you protect your rights and get what you deserve so you can rebuild your life and move forward.

Jan 17 2017

Burns, Electrical and Traumatic Injuries

pic burn

Burns and electrical injuries are one of the most traumatic kinds of injury a person can suffer. Treatment often means months or years of intensive, painful medical and physical therapy, as well as extensive counseling to overcome the mental trauma. Common causes of burns include workplace accidents, construction accidents, and household fires. Burn can happen anywhere heat, fire, chemicals, electricity, or radiation get out of control.  Our experienced Utah injury lawyers can help you protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve.