Jul 03 2013

Champions in Court, Warriors for a Cause

We pride ourselves in our victories for our clients both in and out of court, but get more joy from the causes we champion for others. We have supported Make A Wish Foundation, Susan G. Komen, Draper Nights & Kelly Cares Foundation over the years and encourage our associates to take on a cause to give back to the community we serve.


A few weeks ago, our associate, Travis Alkire participated in RAGNAR which is a 12 person relay event, covering 198 miles from Logan to Park City, Utah. The team also consisted of his wife, as well as some friends, neighbors and classmates from high school. Travis commented that they didn’t break any records but finished the grueling 198 miles in 33 hours.

When asked what his motivation was to get through this physical challenge, he stated that their team name said it all, “Team Fight Sarcoma”. The team ran the race in honor of one of their teammate’s wives, (Lindsay) who was diagnosed with cancer 5 days before Christmas in 2012. She is a 34 year old mom with 5 small children. She has an extremely rare form of cancer representing 1/50th of 1% of all cancers. Travis continued, “Lindsay was the motivation that kept our team going, how can you complain about a cramp or a blister when she is such a champ battling cancer!”

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