May 03 2017

Hit and Run Lawyer:  Do I Get Involved?

Witness to  a hit and run accident?  You don’t ordinarily need to get involved, legally speaking.  State laws don’t impose any kind of legal duty on bystanders.   There is no legal obligation  to help out or to remain at the scene of an accident.

You may have heard about  “Good Samaritan” laws.  Those laws only apply to people who have already decided to help out at an accident scene. Good Samaritan laws protect people from incurring civil liability.   This means being sued for making an accident victim’s condition worse, when they do decide to take action.

Legal Obligations

So do you have a legal obligation to “get involved”?  Any information you provide is valuable.  Furthermore, your information could be vital in identifying the driver so that he can be held accountable.  This is especially true in hit and run cases.

Also law enforcement or an attorney may learn of your identity and they may reach out to you. Consequently, if it is determined that you  have important information you may receive a subpoena. This is a legal order that requires you to appear in court.   It’s not a request, but an order. You will face court sanctions if you ignore it.

William Rawlings & Associates always appreciates the cooperation of any eye witness.  Especially those witnesses who provide critical information.   If you have been injured by a hit and run driver contact the Hit and Run attorneys at our Firm.  We are available 24/7 at 801-553-0505.  We provide free consultations and we have a Zero Fee Guarantee!