Oct 15 2021

Hurt in a Car Accident? Ask Your Doctor These Questions

After a car crash in Utah, you may be left with serious injuries. An experienced car accident attorney can help you file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party – but in order to get the compensation you deserve, you need to have medical proof from a health care provider.

Therefore, if you’ve been injured in a collision, visiting a doctor should be a priority. The sooner you get medical attention, the better, and getting answers to certain questions can make all the difference in the outcome of your personal injury claim. For the medical proof your car accident attorney needs to support your case, ask your doctor the following.

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What Specific Injuries Require Medical Treatment?

A list that describes the injuries directly resulting from the collision can be quite useful for your car accident attorney. Personal injury claims often involve mountains of medical paperwork detailing treatment from multiple health care providers, and with a simple outline of your injuries, your lawyer will have the key information in one convenient document.

How Exactly Did the Car Accident Cause these Injuries?

Insurance adjusters frequently attempt to devalue personal injury claims. One tactic they may use is to argue that the car crash wasn’t the cause of your injuries – and as such, they don’t need to be factored into your claim.

To refute that argument, ask your doctor how each of your injuries likely occurred. An expert opinion that your leg shattered upon impact with the center console, for example, or that your wrist injury resulted from the pressure of the airbag, can be of great value for your case.

What Will it Take to Recover from the Car Accident?

Many types of injuries that are common in car crashes – including brain trauma and neck, back and spinal cord injuries – can have long-term effects. The road to your recovery may involve additional medical treatments, therapies or surgeries, the costs of which should be included in your settlement.

To pursue compensation for any past, ongoing and future medical bills related to your car accident, your lawyer will need to know what your recovery looks like. Ask your doctor for a document outlining your treatment needs, as that can be used as medical proof in your personal injury claim.

Is Returning to Work and Performing the Same Job Possible?

After a car crash, you may need to take time off from work. You might not be able to handle the same types of work duties as you did before the accident – and depending upon the nature of your injuries, returning to your job may be impossible.

Compensation for loss of wages and loss of future earning capacity should be included in your injury claim. Knowing your doctor’s recommendations regarding work, your car accident attorney can fight to get you compensated for all of the income lost as a result of your collision.

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