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Injured…But No Money to Pay Medical Expenses

So often, one of the main concerns we hear from new clients is how am I going to pay my hospital bill, ambulance and treatment bills when I do not have private medical insurance. Most people are under the misguided notion that the responsible party will pay all their medical expenses up front. The responsible party and his or her carrier is not required to pay these expenses up front and in the majority of cases, they don’t which means you are responsible for them.

Some good news, most automobile policies in Utah carry a $3,000 medical coverage. The bad news is a trip by ambulance to the emergency room can eat that $3,000 in no time! So this is where your hiring William Rawlings & Associates and our over 35 years of experience takes the stress out of accumulating medical expenses. We spend many hours contacting all your medical providers and work diligently to set up liens with each unpaid provider.   This means your medical providers agree to wait for payment until the case settles. As your legal representative we agree to pay the medical provider before releasing any settlement funds to you and you agree to take responsibility for full payment of these bills from your settlement.

There is a possibility that the money available from the responsible party’s Insurance policy won’t cover all your medical expenses. This is usually seen where the available policy is at the Utah state’s minimum of $25,000. Your medical can easily exceed these limits especially in light of surgical and rehabilitation expenses. Should this be your case, you may then open a claim under your own Underinsured Motorist of your Auto policy.

Here’s where our extensive experience benefits you. Should your medical expenses still exceed the available limits from the responsible party and your underinsured limits we have been 99% successful in contacting all medical providers and successfully get them to agree to a reduced amount of the outstanding balances and get ALL your medical expenses paid AND have some left over for you! While we cannot guarantee this result in every case, we are confident in our statistic as stated above. Call us for a free case evaluation before your medical bills situation gets out of control.


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