Sep 05 2013

MADD about Drunk Driving

It’s the final big hoorah before kids start back to school and families settle in to another school year. We want to soak up every bit of the last days of summer and celebrate the good times and great vacations shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, not all of us are celebrating responsibly.

Every auto accident causes victims pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, medical bills and property damage. However, accidents caused by drunk drivers can have a long term effect on the victims and their families. Drunk drivers are choosing to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and putting not only themselves in danger, but everyone else on the road. William R. Rawlings & Associates aggressively and vigorously handles these claims both on a criminal and civil litigation level.

We feel that those drivers who choose to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after they have been drinking and exceed the legal drinking limit should be held accountable for their actions and any damage and injuries they cause. Pursuing a DUI accident case not only helps accident victims, but serves the interests of the community as a whole. If these careless drivers are punished for what they have done, others prone to such behavior may think twice about taking to the road while under the influence of alcohol.

The work of organizations such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) has accomplished much in the way of creating stiffer fines and penalties for drunk drivers. Our attorneys are dedicated to furthering this work, helping our clients who have been injured and hopefully preventing more such accident. Drunk driver accident victims may also be able to bring a lawsuit against the establishment that served alcohol to the drunk driver. If a bar, tavern, restaurant or even a homeowner continues to serve alcoholic beverages to a person who has clearly had too many, they may be liable for losses suffered by accident victims. We carefully examine every aspect of your case to determine if we can pursue monetary compensation under the law from every possible source.

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