Apr 09 2013

FaceBook and your Personal Injury Claim


Social Media has become a way of life for most people and is the primary source of information and communication between family, friends and business associates.  The problem we are sometimes faced with is the fact that anything we post on any social media network can be fair game to anyone who can access it.  So how does this affect your personal injury claim?

Attorneys for the Insurance Companies can be quite creative and know that we may post things on our FaceBook pages that could have serious ramifications relating to claims made regarding injuries sustained in an accident.  For example, someone may be claiming that their injuries are so bad that they can barely walk to their mail box without excruciating pain.  Yet on their face book page it shows them “roller blading with friends in the park”!   Of course, there are always explanations we can make for our sudden bursts of energy, but you can see where a jury may not look favorably on such evidence.  We have to understand that what we post on our social media networks may not be considered private and available to the other side in a personal injury claim.

Different states may have different case law regarding the admissibility of information on social networking pages.  Having said that, you should not discuss the details of your accident, health conditions or injuries with anyone except close family and certainly not post it for the world to see.  You can be sure that the Insurance company can and will completely blow out of proportion an innocent comment or picture that could completely ruin your personal injury claim.

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