Oct 03 2017

Car Accidents and Social Media


It is tempting to tell everyone about  your injuries on your Facebook account.   Discussing your car accident claim on social media could ruin your settlement.  So let the Salt Lake and Utah County Personal Injury Lawyers at William Rawlings & Associates guide you through your claim.  Further, put our 35 years of experience on your side. Don’t tweet about your recovery progress or the severity of your injuries.  Take time to think about what the insurance adjuster may think if he reads your media posts.


You are seeking a settlement for serious damages through a car accident claim.  Therefore, the last thing you want to do is make the insurance company think you’re lying.  Furthermore, the insurance adjusters are looking for any evidence that suggests your damages are not as serious.

Nearly everyone is sharing personal thoughts and stories on social media.  Consequently, your social media profiles are often one of the first places insurance companies look to devalue your car accident claim.

If you have an active social media life, your first inclination might be to assure everyone you’re okay. While this may alleviate your friends’ concerns for your well being, the adjuster may question whether you are seriously injured.


Events from your past can come back to haunt you. When insurance companies are watching your social media accounts, they don’t always look at every detail of your posts. Imagine you posting pictures from your kayak trip last summer.   You’re supposed to be on sick leave from work with a fractured pelvis!  As a result, insurance adjuster will only see images of you being healthy and active and may infer that you’re lying about your injuries. As a result, this could cause a sudden denial of your claim.  Now you will have to appeal and show that those images were from a past trip and not present day.

Set your account security to friends and family only.  Be wary of friend requests from strangers. Insurance adjusters may pose as alternate personas   to access your account for more information. Do not accept friend requests from your insurance adjuster.  They may seem concerned and friendly.  Their job is to find ways to deny your claim.   Your adjuster has no business sending you a personal connection request on any of your social accounts.

Therefore, the bottom line is that social media is not a resource to discuss your car accident claim. It’s best to keep all details about the accident, your injuries, and the progress claim to yourself. Even after settlement, refrain from bragging about your compensation. Remember, the less you say, the better off your car accident claim will be.