Jul 11 2014



When we think of summer, thoughts of vacations, barbecues and swimming pools may come to mind. Injuries usually aren’t high on the list, but summertime is when they happen most.  For many, the season’s warmer temperatures and extra daylight mean beach trips, boat rides, outdoors sports, cross-country trips and gardening. While all are fun, it’s important we pay attention to recommended safety precautions for each activity for our own health and for those around us.

We at William Rawlings & Associates want you and your family to enjoy a safe and happy summer.  Below are some basic safety reminders:

Sun safety: We’re all at risk for skin damage from the sun. Shaded areas are good places to be especially during midday hours. Apply and re-apply sunscreen with a sun protective factor (SPF) of 15 or higher—and if you are using lotion from last year, check the expiration date as most only protect for about three years. Need help choosing a sunscreen that’s right for you? The Mayo Clinic offers some great tips for making a good choice. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and hats to protect exposed skin, including sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Stay hydrated: As the weather heats up, drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise or any outdoor activity. Avoid extraneous activity during the sun’s peak hours.

Pool safety: Follow rules and lifeguard instructions, and wear a life jacket when boating. Get trained in CPR and take swimming lessons to minimize the risk of drowning – the second most common cause of accidental death for those under age 14.

Recreational Vehicles:  water sports are a huge attraction around our beaches and lakes.  Boats, jet skis, pontoons are great fun for the entire family.  Unfortunately, we have seen too many times where these events can lead to tragedy where alcohol has been involved.  These water vehicles are as deadly as a car where the driver is impaired by alcohol.  William Rawlings & Associates have handled numerous claims where victims and their families have been injured or sadly killed by a drunk driver in a water sport vehicle.  Don’t let you summer fun turn into a life altering event.  Report suspicious or aggressive driving behavior right away.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating or water vehicle accident contact us for a free consultation.  We have a “no fee” guarantee and look forward to getting you and your family back to enjoying summer fun.