May 28 2015

So Many Accident Lawyers: Who Do I Call?

William R. Rawlings & Associates makes you Promises and KEEPS those promises. Over 34 years handling Accident, Injury and Wrongful Death claims….. Below are the promises you can expect our Firm to keep:

Legal team assigned to every case. There will always be someone available to you to answer your questions. You will never be told someone is on vacation or out of town and you have to wait for them to return before you can expect help.

We Come to YOU! We will come to you, your home, office or hospital for your free initial consultation. We want to meet you in an environment you feel most comfortable. This way you can focus on the information we are providing

Guarantees are powerful: Here are a few guarantees you can expect with our Firm:

  • We are the FIRST Law Firm in the state of Utah to be Gephardt Approved because of our business practices and the way we treat our clients. More importantly we are backed by Gephardt’s 100% Guarantee.
  • Zero Fee Guarantee: You pay us nothing until we win or settle your case. We advance all costs and will pay for evaluations should your injuries require you to see a specialist. We can also arrange for personal loans against your case through an independent third party (subject to approval).
  • 30 Days or sooner contact guarantee: You Will get a call from us every 30 days or sooner just to see how you are doing, talk about your treatment and to answer any questions that have come up. We strive for perfect communication with our office. We love it when our clients say, “I never had to call you, you always called US!”
  • Personal and dedicated attention: NO case is too small…why? Because we treat every single one of our clients the same whether it’s a $5,000 case or multi-million dollar case. We have had people say they were grateful we took their case after having been turned down by other Firms.

We will be happy to talk about your claim whether it happened in Utah, California or Idaho. Remember, it is your decision…chose the Right injury lawyer for your case. Wouldn’t you want a Firm that has been voted, “Legal Elite”, “Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year” or Top Trial Lawyers?” We’ve been the Right choice for thousands of people over the years…