May 21 2015

Accident Lawyers: Your Expectations

Bottom Line: If Insurance Companies were fair and reasonable and quick to pay your bills…all Accident/Injury Lawyers would be out of a job.

“I don’t want to sue anyone….how will that look?” Well, we get that, however, is it fair you have enough medical bills to wallpaper your living room?….or losing your job because you missed so much time from work that your employer had to replace you? Plain and simple folks, it is our only system of justice. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the judge could require the responsible person to do your yard work, housekeeping and laundry for the next 5 years! It just doesn’t work that way…

AND HERE’S A THOUGHT….this is why we pay those HUGE premiums to the Insurance Company….those premiums are used to pay for your accident expenses, wage loss and they pay for the defense attorneys for the responsible person who created this whole mess and turned your life upside down…not one dime comes out the responsible person’s pocket…..

Insurance Companies LOVE people like YOU that say…”I don’t want to make a claim, how will that look?….” Yahooooooo…. Cancun…. there they go!

Hundreds of attorneys ….where do I start?

Ask what is their philosophy?

DO YOU LOVE THEM? Hiring an attorney…the RIGHT attorney is an important decision. Be completely satisfied with your choice; do YOU love them?   No, really?! You will be working with them for a long time. This relationship HAS to work!

Contact a Firm right away who will also help you with property damage, rental car; doctor referrals and specialists you can’t afford and disability payments for time off work.

Ask around and talk to family and friends who have had to use an Accident/Injury lawyer. We are MOST proud of the fact that almost 50% of our new client referrals come from previous clients AND we are the Accident/Injury Firm that other attorneys recommend to their family and friends!

Stay in touch with your attorney: choose a Firm that promises to be available through the ENTIRE process. You should always be able to get a “live” person on the phone and talk to someone knowledgeable about your claim. They should guide you through your treatment and make sure you have access to the specialists you require to get well.