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Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Millions of auto accidents occur every year, and many victims suffer debilitating injuries. Preventing these incidents starts with understanding why they take place, and we're sharing the most common causes of motor vehicle collisions below.

Knowledge is power, as they say, and by reading on you may be able to avoid becoming a statistic. However, if you're ever injured in an auto accident, hiring an experienced lawyer may be the best way to fight for your right to compensation.

How can a car accident attorney help you recover compensation


Drivers often ignore the speed limit, and by doing so, greatly increase the chance of causing an auto accident. While speeding, motorists have less time to react to road hazards. And, vehicles that are moving too fast are more likely to spin out of control as a result of weather-related road conditions.

Impaired Driving

Many motorists believe that if they've only had a drink or two, they'll be fine behind the wheel. This isn't the case, as any amount of alcohol can affect a person's sight, judgment and coordination, leading to a serious auto accident. And, the same impairments can occur after taking prescription medication and after using illegal drugs.


Operating on a few hours of sleep can spell disaster out on the road. According to the CDC, driving while drowsy can be equated to driving drunk – it's that dangerous. Motorists who are fatigued frequently develop the same types of visual, cognitive and motor impairments as drivers who have alcohol in their system.

Distracted Driving

Everyone multitasks, but paying attention to anything but the road ahead increases the risk of being in motor vehicle collision. Driver distractions – such as using a smartphone, eating a snack, reaching for an item on the floor or turning to look at something outside the car – often cause car accidents.

How Auto Accident Lawyers Help Victims

Victims of motor vehicle collisions caused by speeding, impaired driving, fatigue or distracted driving – as well as those caused by other factors – have a legal right to compensation for their injuries and losses. However, obtaining every dollar deserved can be difficult without an experienced auto accident lawyer.

Attorneys perform a range of tasks to help car accident victims recover the amount of money to which they are legally entitled. Every case is unique, but a lawyer typically:

  • Investigates the cause of a motor vehicle collision to identify the at-fault party and determine who is responsible for paying damages to the victim
  • Evaluates the injuries and losses suffered by the victim to pursue the maximum amount in compensation allowable under the law
  • Negotiates with the insurance company of the at-fault party to secure a fair settlement offer for the victim's injuries and financial losses
  • When necessary, takes the car accident case to trial in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the injured victim

If you need an experienced auto accident lawyer in California, Idaho or Utah, call on the legal team at William R. Rawlings & Associates. We've been helping victims of motor vehicle collisions for over 35 years, and we're here to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

For more information, or to schedule a free auto accident lawyer consultation, contact us online or give our office a call today.


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