Nov 20 2020

How Personal Injury Lawyers Use Expert Witnesses

As any experienced personal injury lawyer knows, the right expert witness can be the key to a favorable case outcome. Claims often hinge on the testimony of an expert, as these witnesses can explain technical issues and offer an informed opinion as to the particulars of the case.

When it comes to finding experts to support your injury claim, you can rely on your lawyer. However, you may need to work with these witnesses to build a solid case.

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The Role of an Expert Witness

Regular witnesses – or people who were present when the accident occurred – can provide testimony about what they saw or heard.

Expert witnesses have the education, experience and proficiency to qualify as specialists in a particular field. Depending upon their area of expertise, these witnesses can testify about how the accident happened, the extent of medical treatment required, the prognosis for injury recovery, the resulting emotional trauma and the impact the accident has had on your earning potential.

Types of Expert Witnesses

Personal injury lawyers bring in many different types of specialists to help strengthen a claim and maximize the amount of compensation awarded. The witnesses used in your case may include:

  • Medical experts to testify about your injuries, medical treatment plan and options for recovery
  • Mental health experts to support a claim for emotional distress or pain and suffering
  • Vocational rehabilitation experts to offer opinions regarding your future work prospects
  • Accident reconstruction experts to look at the sequence of events and pinpoint the cause of the incident
  • Financial experts to provide testimony on matters concerning damages sustained

This list is by no means exhaustive. Personal injury lawyers often use specialized experts – such as engineering specialists, phone record specialists and forensic specialists – to build a stronger case.

Working with Expert Witnesses

As we mentioned, your lawyer will take on the task of locating any specialists who can help with your personal injury claim. You may, however, need to work together to increase the chance of a favorable case outcome.

Your lawyer may ask you to provide a witness with more information, for example, or you might be referred to a medical expert. Taking care of matters on your end – by answering questions and following up with any necessary records requests and diagnostic tests — ensures that the specialists can do their job.

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